2012 Fashion Trend Alert! Chakra Bracelets

No matter what your resolutions or plans for 2012 entail, be it kick starting a new diet, finding a new man or getting that promotion, focus your inner energies with Chakra bracelets from John Greed Jewellery.

The role of the Chakra bracelet is to aid mental and physical alignment. Chakra bracelets are a manifestation of spiritual energies on the physical level. Each energy is regulated whether consciously or unconsciously, as the chakras open and close in response to our physical lives.

The Chakras are arranged from the coccyx to the crown along the spine, each one represented by a colour of the rainbow.

The lower, earth-orientated Chakras govern the practical matters of our lives survival and animation, and are governed by physical and social law.

As we progress up the spine, so the Chakras become related to the mental realms; they work on an increasingly conceptual, metaphorical plane.

Celebrity fans of the Daisy Chakra bracelets include Cheryl Cole, Sienna Miller and Pixie Lott.

You can get the beautiful Daisy Chakras from John Greed Jewellery: www.johngreedjewellery.com

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