Add Some Flex Into Your Life with Filofax!

Filofax introduces an evolutionary system to notes and more! Flex by Filofax, the latest innovative evolution from the iconic British brand, is a fresh approach to notes and more. Flex allows you the creative freedom of expression in an evolving digital age where the fixed stare of computers can inhibit spontaneous creativity and invaluable notes, inspiration and sketches remain essential.
Designed to present all these elements and more, customised in a bespoke way that works for you, Flex does not tell you how it should be used, but asks how it can be used.

The concept is brilliantly simple; a sleek textured cover in a classic leather grain print into which multiple books and accessories including a choice of notebooks, a year planner, a diary, a contacts book and jot pad, can be inserted and used at any one time creating a personalised perfection all of its own. Accommodating more than a million combinations, yet small enough to carry with ease, the adaptable slim line Flex slips neatly into your life providing a one stop shop solution with the flexibility to meet today’s demands.

Much of the brilliance of legendary leaders throughout history was discovered through interpretation of their original scribbled notes, drawings and inspirations. Even today with the rise of e-books and tablets, much of the fabric of daily life is still recorded in handwritten note form. Join the circle of the erudite elite by recording your own journey through life.

Perfect for style conscious fashionistas, artistic and literary types, creative thinkers, travellers always on the move, entrepreneurs and business leaders constantly on the go from one meeting to the next, Flex adapts to the individual’s needs. Designed to fall open flat, Flex is the perfect base whether you need a vessel for your musing, sketchbook or doodle pad for creative thoughts, or just an organised personal record of plans and places to be. Bring your notes, thoughts, ideas and lists of things to do together in one convenient place that suits your lifestyle needs.

Revel in the contemporary tailoring of Flex whilst remaining assured that it maintains all the high standards of craftsmanship and refined quality that Filofax is famed for. So… write, sketch, create, doodle, muse, plan, schedule, store, safeguard, record, refer, adapt, share, whatever your desire, just make sure you make your mark with the help of Flex.

Black, slate and magenta make up the range colourways with three sizes available in each: Pocket, Slim and A5. Flex is available nationwide from May 2011 and priced £17 – £27.

We just LOVE the pink Filofax, it is so handy for keeping you organised and looking stylish at the same time! Fashionable and practical. What’s not to love?!

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