Alfie Boe Interview! A Girlie Gossip Exclusive!

Girlie Gossip bring you an exclusive interview with some quickfire questions from Alfie Boe as he talks about his new album ‘Bring Him Home’ and other upcoming projects!

Hi Alfie, thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions. A lot of our readers will probably now have seen you in the latest Les Mis 25th Anniversary DVD playing the lead role of Jean Valjean, but how and when did your operatic career actually come about, and was singing a career path you’d always wanted to persue?

ALFIE: Glad you all enjoyed the Les Miserables DVD it was a great concert and a wonderful evening to be a part of.

My career as a singer started back when I was Nineteen years old when I auditioned for a company called the D’oyly Carte after taking advice from friends and a customer who’s car I was working on when I worked as a mechanic. He overheard me sing and said i had a good voice and that I should try and make it in the music world. You never know who’s going to be listening.

2) Did you do anything specifically to prepare to the role of Valjean?

ALFIE: Read the Victor Hugo novel and grew a beard.

3) You have just released an album ‘Alfie Boe – Bring Him Home’ what are your personal favourite tracks and why?

ALFIE: Pretty much all of the songs on my new album are my favourites but if I had to choose one, I think it would be Bring Him Home as this song means so much to me and has made such an impact to my career.

4) You and Matt Lucas seem to have struck up a firm friendship, with him even appearing on your album. Can we expect any further collaborations from the two of you?

ALFIE: I know Matt and I  are going to be friends for life and who knows what ideas and trouble we can get up to.

5) When you’re not busy singing and playing the lead in hit musicals, what do you like to do in your free time?

ALFIE: I’m a bit of a family man and spend most of my time being tormented by my daughter Gracie, she’s two years old now and has me wrapped around her little finger but she’s my little belle!

6) Is there anyone you would like to duet with or work alongside that you haven’t yet been able to?

ALFIE: There are many people in this business that I would love to collaborate with on an album, eventually I would like to try my hand at writing some of my own stuff and to work alongside someone else who’s known for their writing would be a wonderful opportunity. I’m a huge fan of Classical Rock Music so to duet or to collaborate with someone like Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame would be fantastic.

7) Can you share any other exciting projects, plans or updates that we can expect to see from you this year?

ALFIE: Well we are at present trying to fit in the diary some surprise performances to showcase my album live. We are trying to make it work for April or May this will fit nicely in the diary just before I start back in Les Miserables in June. There are other things on cards at the moment but can’t say too much just yet.

8) Lastly, we are very pleased to hear that you will be reprising the role of Jean Valjean in the West End during 2011! Can you give us any more information on this? Good luck and we’ll be sure to come along and watch one of your performances and report back to readers later this year!

ALFIE: Yes I will be going back into Les Miserables in June for a six month run so book your tickets now. I just want to thank all my beautiful fans for all your support over the years and to all those that have just started to follow me, welcome and I hope you enjoy my music and performances because it’s for you my fans that I do this. Alfie xx

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Alfie Boe ‘Bring Him Home’ is out now!

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