All About Steve Movie Inspired Date Do’s & Don’t List!


All About Steve – in cinemas January 15th – sees Sandra Bullock playing Mary who goes above and beyond to try and snag her man Steve – played by the Bradley Cooper (The Hangover). Mary doesn’t exactly impress Bradley with all of her efforts to impress him, so here’s a list of dating do’s and don’ts that will stop you from making any mistakes and risking losing your potential man.

Don’t……. talk too much

He may seem like a good listener but, really he just wants to get a word in. As much as it’s important for men to take in what you say give him a chance to talk. Chances are he’ll be just as attracted to you if you at least listen to why England stand at chance at winning the World Cup or the difference between an Audi and a BMW.

Do………compliment him on his dress sense

Guys aren’t always into what they wear but, if a girl comments on his attire it will no doubt give him a bit of a confidence boost and show more interest in what you’re wearing. Avoid things like ‘that pastel colour really matches your eyes’ or ‘oooh I love that shirt where did you get it from’. Try telling him he looks hot in that colour or his shoes are cool and you may get a second date.

Don’t……mention kids or marriage

You may be sat in front of your future husband but, he definitely isn’t staring at his future wife…. yet. Mention those words and chances are you’ll be the one calling him and he’ll be the one blocking your number.

Do……laugh at his jokes

Guys know that girls love it when they make them laugh and believe that a few giggles on a date guarantees they’ve won half the battle. Even if his jokes make you cringe he may just be trying hard so even if your faking it make sure he knows your having a good time!

Don’t……eat any of his food

Most men don’t like sharing food and can get pretty territorial with their plates. If you’re hungry and you’ve ordered a salad to watch your figure, keep your hands away from his chips. Order a desert instead, he’d much rather see you enjoying melted chocolate then packing a handful of chips in.

Do……..offer to at least half the bill

He won’t let you pay that’s for certain, and if he does don’t call him again but, chances are he’ll appreciate at least an offer so he knows you’re not in it for the free night alone. Maybe not offer to pay for the whole thing; it may make him feel insecure and worry he earns less than you do.

Don’t…….talk about previous relationships

He doesn’t want to hear about why it didn’t work between you and your last  three boyfriends and doesn’t want to share why his wife left him so keep this topic a no go area and there’s no chance of any awkward silences

Do…….play with your hair

Once again guys know the tell tale signs. If you like him and want him to think you do play with your hair. He’ll feel more confident plus it makes you sexier. If he’s bald or looks like he’s going to lose it, maybe give it a miss. He may think you’re trying to tell him something and destroy him all together.

Don’t…..ask him in for coffee if you just want a coffee.

He’s seen the movies, he knows the score. Coffee means more than just milk to him. Make sure you’re both on the same page.

Do……..tell him you’ll call him

If you don’t he’ll think you’re not interested and you may not see him again. Boys don’t like it when you play hard to get. That’s their job

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