Anatomicals – Beauty On A Budget!

We’re all looking for beauty at bargain prices right now, so it’s no surprise that with the credit crunch looming over all of our heads we are all on the lookout for a bargain!

With this in mind we’ve been looking at the trendy, but rather reasonably priced Anatomicals range; all of which are brilliantly packed with witty names and slogans and provide luxury beauty at a price that won’t break the bank.


Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel 15ml
If you’ve ever been standing by the luggage carousel when a charter flight’s just come in, you ‘ll have seen plenty of unattractive bags. But none more unsightly than those caused by too many late nights spent partying. Because there’s only so long you can hide behind dark glasses for, we’ve introduced ‘ no old bags allowed’. This refreshing gel with arnica and orange flower water will soon help diminish those trunks under your eyes. Once again leaving you with an appearance that belies the date on your birth certificate.


Anatomicals Could We Be Any More Pacific? Bath Foam 250ml.
You’ve probably always thought of your bath tub as, well, a bath tub. but with this foaming and relaxing gel, it’s so much more than that. in fact, it’s a whole ocean. and not just any old ocean. that’s right. while other gels promise a lot and deliver little more than the Manchester Ship Canal, we bring you the one and only Pacific Ocean. so lie back and, good lord, where did that P&O cruise ship come from?


Anatomicals Another Bloody Shower Gel

Anatomicals Another Bloody Shower Gel. Before another bloody boring day at work or another bloody expensive night out on the town use this refreshing shower gel to cleanse your body!

We just love the names and the product descriptions, and using them is a real joy! Perfect for some Summer relaxation and pampering, even if we do say so ourselves.

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