Andrew Barton Brushes With Argan Oil

brush (1)

Since I ruined my hair a couple of years ago using too much dye, Argan oil has been my best friend! I normally buy the little bottle from Avon and it works wonders! Needless to say, I was mega excited to be asked to review a hairbrush that releases Argan Oil as you brush! Argan Oil (which contains high quantities of Vitamin E) strengthens the hair and leaves it silky smooth without making it greasy.

 My daughter Chloe (9) always cries every morning before school when it comes to having her hair done. But when I brushed it with the Andrew Barton Brush there were no tears and the brush simply glided through her hair without any pulling.

I highly recommend these amazing brushes they will do wonders for your hair!

You can buy Andrew Barton Brushes HERE for only £8

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