Andrew Collinge Ceramic Twirl & Curl


Andrew Collinge Ceramic Twirl & Curl.  Create beautiful loose curls for that special occasion, or just for a change of image. These great ceramic coated curling tongs create gorgeous curls that have a super sleek shine. The large water reservoir supplies steam on demand to set and hold your curls.

* High & Fast Heat up
* On/Off Switch
* Power-on Neon Indicator
* Swivel Cord and Extra Long Cable
* Andrew Collinge Design & Shine

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

It is often difficult to get perfect curls that actually hold and last the day, so here at girlie gossip we were on a mission to find some curlers that did just that! We recently tried out Andrew Collinge Ceramic Twirl & Curl curling tongs and loved the results!

Not only are they quick and easy to use compared to some other curling tongs, but they create a cute, perfectly formed curl that holds well with plenty of bounce.

We think they are a real bargain for the price and are perfect for curling your hair just before a girlie night out on the town!

Now available for the amazingly low price of £7.50!!! On Beauty Counter Direct

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