Asahi Beer – Could this be the beginning of the end for the human barman…?


The Robotic barman – known as Mr Asahi – can serve ice-cold beer as draught pints, half pints and de-cap bottles of beer. Mr Asahi had been training for a year ahead of his 2009 national tour. The average person has to wait almost 15 minutes to be served at a bar.

Mr Asahi consistently serves people in under two minutes, saving the average person 13 minutes at the bar – just enough time to check out your competition in the bar.  He can even serve customers with a robotic smile!  Uniquely, Mr Asahi can reply politely to questions from his customers and stays calm under pressure.

Not only is he quicker than a human, he’s also an employer’s dream with no need for a loo break!

Asahi UK Brand Manager Christian Hamilton says: “Having employed Mr Asahi and seen him at work I’m sure he’ll be a great asset to the Asahi team.

“We were looking for a unique way to sample our beer as we go on our first national tour and we think that Mr Asahi will certainly attract a great deal of attention in bars, clubs and multiple grocers.”

About Mr Asahi:

Mr Asahi has been constructed using the latest technology from the fields of Robotics and Animatronics.  Mr Asahi’s movements involve some serious animatronics which have been developed with the use of compressed air that is controlled and regulated through various valves and electrical switching mechanisms via a PC.

Fully life-size, he will stand behind a specially constructed bar to serve customers ice cold Asahi Beer.

Eight engineers have taken a whopping 200 man hours to assemble him.

His arms have been built in Japan, the home of Asahi, and would rival any Gladiators in strength. They have a 6 axis functionality enabling them to perform under extreme pressure at the bar where he can perform 60 repeatable functions per minute.

His bespoke hands were made for him in Aylesbury, UK.  These enable him to hold different shaped glasses and bottles.  His head has been specially constructed in Leicester as has his torso which would make even Arnold Schwarzenegger seem puny.

He weighs a quarter of a ton but never needs to be fed!

His head was specially commissioned to function in harmony with his robotic arms, allowing him to watch his own movements while he open bottles and pours pints, he really concentrates on what he is doing – in some cases better than a human barman!

His facial features have been achieved using LED lights, which move and alternate from green to red as he strains to remove bottle tops!

Uniquely, Mr Asahi can reply politely to questions from his customers via an integrated vocal speaker system, which is operator controlled and has over 500 vocal effects.

With his colour changing heart chest light he is always ready for a party and is sure to grab some serious attention.

Where can you meet Mr Asahi?

He made his first public appearance of 2009 in Dublin on 13th May – and is now embarking on a working national sampling tour and will be appearing in multiple grocers, bars and clubs throughout the country:

About Asahi Beer

*Asahi Super Dry Beer was developed in 1987 by Asahi Breweries Ltd in Japan in response to consumer research that found they were seeking a clean, crisp taste for beer that also matched any food.

*Asahi have a 50% share of the domestic Japanese beer market and is the fastest growing and most popular Japanese beer brand.

*Asahi Super Dry was launched in the UK 9 years ago and quickly established itself as one of the most successful super premium lager brands in the country, pouring in the best bars, clubs, restaurants and pubs.

*Asahi Super Dry is brewed in the UK under licence by Shepherd Neame in Faversham Kent, Britain’s oldest Brewers established for over 300 years.

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