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Uniforms & Lunch Bags

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It’s that time of year again where we are preparing to send our kids back to school or off to school for the first time! This year Lidl have launched a  budget friendly uniform range. Perfect if you are a savvy shopper and love to save money. Lidl are offering an entire outfit for less than £4! These uniforms are fantastic quality and less than half the price of major retailers. The Lidl uniform range includes a collection of 41 items for children of primary school age. I highly recommend heading down to your local store to check out these bargains!

Thermos Lunch Bags

There is nothing worse than soggy sarnies! That’s where the popular Thermos lunch bags come in. These cool bags are designed to keep your little ones lunch fresh for longer. The spacious lunch bag is perfect for all ages and can easily be wiped clean. You can also buy these in various designs HERE and even get a FREE ice pack with every lunch kit.


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Most kids can go through a good few pairs of shoes throughout the school year depending on the quality. Chatham shoes offer some exquisite genuine leather footwear. With very speedy delivery, you can be sure to get your little ones shoes in no time. The popular design that Connor is wearing in the photo is perfect for younger children who are just starting school and don’t know how to tie their laces yet.

Chloe’s shoes are from the new Lidl range and are just as great in quality. With the pretty flower designs on these gorgeous leather shoes, they not only fit perfectly but they look great too!

Lunch Box Goodies



Snack Bars

As parents, we tend to worry about what our children are eating. Some products claim to be healthy but are in fact full of sugar and sweeteners. Pulsin bars are about as healthy as you can get when it comes to snack bars. They are gluten free, dairy free, soya free and non GM. The orange choc chip ones were my kids favorite. The oaty fruit bars are filled with yummy goodness to keep kids energy levels up in school. You can buy these HERE.

Brita Fill & Go

Depending on where you live, some tap water can be really harsh. The clever people at Brita have a huge selection of water filters for all the family. You can definitely taste the difference. The filtered water is much lighter and more refreshing. We are loving these new fill and go bottles. Perfect for lunch boxes to keep your kids hydrated and my husband even takes one fishing with him! You can buy these HERE.



When it comes to stationary, BIC has always been a popular household favourite. I can remember my mum buying be BIC products for school when I was a child. Bic has definitely  come a long way since I was a younger and they now have a huge range of stationery. These bundles are perfect to fill up your child’s pencil case! You can buy these products and much more HERE.



It’s not really something most parents like to talk about let alone think about, but the fact is that at some point nearly every child will have the dreaded nits! It makes me want to scratch my head just writing this. The good news is that the clever people over at Puressentiel have not only created a natural Anti-Lice lotion, but they have also created a repellent! By simply spraying your child’s hair with this natural spray each morning, you will no longer need to worry about your child getting head lice again! The spray even lasts for 24 hours! You can buy these popular products HERE.

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