Barry M Nail Paints – Get The Look!


Barry M is known as the most colourful name in cosmetics and the UK’s number 1 fashion cosmetic company. With over 400 different colours and a wide range of products Barry M has become a household name in the field of Fashion Cosmetics. We’ve been trying out a selection of their fabulous Nail Paint colours so keep reading to learn more!

Barry M currently have some fantastic bold, bright and cheerful colours that never fail to lift my mood. Featured in the piccy to the left are Aqua Blue, Aqua Green and Black Red.


The Black Red needs another coat as it’s still a bit patchy after 2 coats but I’m loving the sparking iridescence of the other two.

I’ve also tried out the Aqua Green colour using x3 coats and a top/base coat (click the image for a slightly larger version). What you get is a lovely, fresh almost metallic green colour that is long lasting and really eye catching. Perfect for the spring months!

Another of my faves that I’ve been trying out this evening is Blue Glitter by Barry M which you can see in the pictures below. Now you’ll have to excuse me if the finish isn’t quite perfect, I seemed to develop shakey hand syndrome half way through (the pressure of knowing I was going to blog about them perhaps?!) but I love how it catches the light and it really reminds me of the new OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polish ‘Absolutely Alice’ that they’ve released. This one by Barry M is a bargain though at just £2.95!


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