Be Facebook photo confident!

Terrified of your friends uploading last night’s photos of the Christmas party up onto Facebook and you know you are not going to look your best? Never want to show off your holiday snaps as you look too pasty next to your tanned friend? Not had a date in a while yet have a profile on every single dating website? Ever considered your mug shot could be the reason why?  Don’t despair; Facebrush is here to help with all your photo woes. 

Facebrush is a professional photo enhancement service available for everyone, not just celebrities and those with lots of money or a magazine edit suite. Everyone can now experience a bespoke digital makeover for their photos from just £1. With options available from teeth whitening to body tan enhancement, to removing shine and removing wrinkles, every photo can receive the celebrity treatment and get Facebrushed!

Robert Herrick, CEO and founder of Facebrush explains: “We have all untagged unflattering photos on Facebook, or struggled to find a photo which shows us in our best light for an online dating profile, but Facebrush ensures those moments need never happen again. Why should it be celebrities that only get digitally made-over? With Facebrush everyone can”

Facebrush has just launched a free application where anyone can have a go at giving themselves a digital makeover.

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