Burping Burt – the plush toy that’s also a game!

England September 2012: Burping Burt is the first toy to be released in the Plush Games category. This cuddly little creature, from Imagination Games, is soft and squishy with a built in electronic element to create and control the game experience. Designed for children it’s educational and fun so flies in the face of anyone who says games are boring!


Meet Burping Burt:

Burping Burt is certainly full of life but it will come as no surprise that his manners leave a lot to be desired! He parps, snores, sneezes and hiccups at will – which often results in fits of giggles from anyone playing the game. His funny sounds will entertain little ones but also teach them some vital skills combining their hearing skills with visual recognition.


3 games in 1

Each box contains 24 picture cards and players have to try their best to match the card to the random sound Burping Burt makes. The quicker you can find a match the more points you score. It’s a race to the end to get ahead of the other players and try not to laugh too much!


Burping Burt is designed for two or more players and suitable for children aged 4+ RRP-£14.99. Available from Argos, Tesco, Amazon, Play.com, John Lewis and selected Toy retailers.

For more information visit www.imaginationgames.com

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