CAREX HAND GELS – Great For Winter Flu Bug Protection?

The Carex range now includes two fantastic antibacterial hand gels the whole family can use – the Carex Aloe Vera Hand Gel and Carex Sensitive Hand Gel.

Both products are ideal additions to the family home and travel kit…whether for picnics, days out or holidays. Carex Hand Gels also provide extra reassurance after hand washing in the home. With 100 applications per bottle, the benefits of Carex will ensure the whole family is warding off bugs at all times as the hand gels kill off 99 per cent of bacteria, ensuring you are safe in the knowledge that you are protected against germs that
can cause food poisoning.

Carex Hand Gels are both instant drying, with no need for water in application, making them the perfect travel companion. The Sensitive Hand Gel is ideal for people with more delicate skin, while the Aloe Vera Hand Gel moisturises hands after each application. If you want to keep your hands soft, supple and bacteria
free, there’s no better option than Carex Hand Gels – whether you are at home or away – the total, easy
antibacterial solution from Carex – the Carexperts!

Perfect for keeping in your handbag this winter, girls!

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