Brits are renowned for being polite as a nation, but also quite reserved and new research revealed today would appear to confirm this. The study by Me To You has found that no-one says thank-you anymore, and we are increasingly finding it harder and harder to show our emotions.

Saying “Cheers” is the most popular way to show verbal appreciation, it was revealed yesterday (x Aug) and more than half of Brits choose the more modern phrase above the good old fashioned words “Thank You”.

The study shows folk prefer to use more contemporary language to express themselves and show their appreciation instead. And four in 10 people believe saying “thank you” sounds too formal – opting for more catchy, chatty words like “fab”, “lovely” and “wicked”.

Other phrases used to replace the two little words of gratitude include “ta”, “cool” and “great” and a third would often just resort to a quick wave instead of saying the actual words “thank you”.

Caroline Weaver from Me to You, which conducted the poll of 3,000 people, said: “This survey shows that while the Great British public might feel uncomfortable saying thank you these days, they do like to show their gratitude in other ways.

“Our respondents felt it didn’t matter how you thanked someone for their kind actions, as long as you did so in a friendly and polite way.

“At the end of the day everyone knows that a big smile and some form of acknowledgement is all it takes to show we are grateful.”

The poll shows half of all Brits are more comfortable using phrases such as “cheers” and “ta” to say thank you while 12 per cent say they prefer to use words which suit their vocabulary and the way they talk, rather than being formal.

Unfortunately, a whopping two thirds of people polled believe that as a nation, Britain is quite rude and 84 per cent think many folk could do with making more of an effort to show their appreciation.

Four in 10 people don’t even send thank you letters anymore if they receive gifts through the post, and the same percentage wouldn’t make their children send a thank you either.

While 11 per cent of British couples rarely tell each other how thankful they are for the support and kindness they show on a daily basis.

In fact, 77 per cent of people say the words used to say thank you are irrelevant, believing a nice gesture works just as well.

Fifty nine per cent of folk believe sending a tangible gift or card to say thank you works better than words – because it means someone has taken the time and effort to go out and choose something nice.

The Me to You spokeswoman continues: “People often find it hard to express how they are feeling, and sometimes find it easier to write down their message – whether it is showing support, love, thanks or any other emotion.

“There can be a certain amount of awkwardness when thanking someone, especially if it is in return for an act of kindness which was above and beyond the call of duty.

“On these occasions, sending a card can be the best way to say exactly what you are feeling, putting real thought into what is said.”

As well as saying thank you, couples also find it hard to say “I love you”, with 14 per cent admitting they don’t even say it once a day.

Research shows 49 per cent of people in a relationship think they should say the words more often, but find it difficult to show how they are feeling.

One in five people even admitted they only tell someone they missed them once a year.

More than 47 per cent also find it hard to tell others how they are feeling with expressions such as ‘‘Sorry for your loss’’ and ‘’get well soon’’.

And just under half of folk find it hard expressing their thoughts to friends or family members – particularly when acknowledging bad news.


1.       Cheers

2.       Ta

3.       That’s great

4.       Cool

5.       Okay

6.       Brilliant

7.       Lovely

8.       Nice one

9.       Much appreciated

10.   You star

11.   Alright

12.   Fab

13.   Awesome

14.   Wicked

15.   Merci

16.   Danke

17.   Gracias

18.   Super

19.   Ace

20.   Thank you

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