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Media Enquiries

If you are a Journalist, PR Person, Member of the Press or simply want to promote your own brand or products range then this page is for you. Girlie Gossip works closely with various different people in the media industry and can help with the following:-


We have various different review columns here on Girlie Gossip and we are always happy to receive product samples, check discs and review materials to be given a closer look for a feature on the site. All reviews can include images, links and detailed information on your product, plus our own personal thoughts. If you have something that you think our readers may find interesting please contact Kerenza Richards on the email below.


Do you have a newsworthy article that you’d like us to cover? We are happy to display press releases and information on anything our readers might find interesting or exciting.

Promotional Competitions:

Promotional competitions are a great way of raising awareness of your product and generating an interest with a targeted audience. If you have competition stock available for any of your releases and would like us to run one on our site please feel free to get in touch.

You can reach Girlie Gossip’s Owner for any of the above reasons or general enquiries by emailing Or