Couples NOT joined at the money clip

A third of couples stay financially single

Research from Tesco Bank, exploring attitudes to shared finances, uncovers that almost a third (29%) of people in relationships are deciding not to join financial forces.  It takes couples an average of two years before merging finances with their partner.

The majority of those that do decide to open a joint account (56%) prefer to maintain some financial independence and don’t pool all of their financial resources. However, it appears that couples are more willing to share their savings (47%) with their partner than their credit cards (34%) or life insurance (30%).

Comparisons across the country reveal couples in Leeds as the most likely (50%) to combine all their financial commitments, while those in Brighton and Hove are more independently minded as nearly three quarters (70%) keep theirs totally separate.

Couples MOST likely to join financial forces

Rank City

1.        |  Brighton and Hove

2.        |  Oxford

3.        |  Aberdeen

4.        |  Chelmsford

5.        |  Belfast

Couples LEAST likely to join financial forces

Rank | City

1.    |  Leeds

2.    |  Newcastle

3     |  Portsmouth

4.    |  Southampton

5.    |  London

While the joint account gives couples the convenience of paying bills, mortgages and the weekly shop, a remarkable number (32%) are also dipping into their combined finances to pay for anniversary gifts, special occasions and treats.

A Tesco Bank spokesperson commented: “Despite sharing so many elements of our life when in a relationship, most of us still try to retain a modicum of financial independence. Interestingly, the research revealed that couples are much happier combining their savings than their spending and that a third of us would use our joint finances to fund a treat or even anniversary present for our partner.”

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