Currently Coveting: Crystal Head Vodka!

Crystal Head Vodka Dan Aykroyd

With Summer finally here and the warmer weather (hopefully!) on the way, we’ve become obsessed with finding great drinks for our cocktails and summer parties. The latest thing to make our ‘coveted’ list this week is this AMAZING ‘Crystal Head Vodka

Presented in an absolutely stunning glass bottle, shaped like a huge crystal skull, this is not only a great drink but the bottle makes an amazing home accessory after you’ve managed to drink it all! This is a real show stopper and comes in two sizes, the magnum being particularly impressive.

Crystal Head Vodka is perfect for mixing in to your favourite cocktails, and for drinking neat, thanks to its delicious smooth taste. Bring it out during a party and be prepared for it to receive some serious attention!

If you are looking for a quality vodka, that is beautifully presented then you can’t go wrong with Crystal Head Vodka in our humble opinion. We’re well and truly obsessed with it as one of our top chosen summer tipples!

Take a look at what founder Dan Aykroyd (Yes, the movie star!) the founder of this fantastic and unique drink had to say about it by watching the video below. You can get a great deal and fantastic service on  for Crystal Head Vodka and loads more exciting brands. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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