Direct Holidays Launches Hilarious New Ad Campaign!


Summer is here and gradually all of the Holiday companies are bringing out new offers and campaigns to entice us into taking some time out. The majority of these ads and campaigns all feel as though they have been done before however, with the exception of some very innovative and funny adverts from Direct Holidays who bring a much needed light hearted approach to their ad campaign as seen in the clips below!

Featuring a variety of different characters including Miss Muir who has been on a hot, hot Direct Holiday and now she’s back at school with her own life size “souvenir” – a well tanned, well fit, six pack toting Spanish waiter. See what the kids think of Juan and the squirty cream! Miss Muir’s in love (or lust) with “the direct effect”! I love the look on the students’ faces in this one when they see what their teacher is doing, and I bet I’m not the only one who wondered what on earth she was up to there for a while…

Then we have the Managing Director who is quite clearly getting into the party spirit! The MD’s back from his Direct Holidays Tropical Escape, but something’s not quite right!

Times are hard, profits are down. But …… the MD is back with renewed vigour and he’s about to put things right with some unconventional “tropical sun inspired” measures. They’ll have the board and the workers getting hot under the collar and spitting feathers (and coffee). He’s loved his Tropical Escape. He’s got “the direct effect” and he’s determined to spread the holiday feeling. Conga on!

And last but not least, my favourite! Greasy spoon owner Bob comes back from his Direct Holiday and puts his customers off their “full English”.

After being away on a perfect Direct Holiday, cafe owner Bob returns to the hot plate. He’s desperate to hang onto the mood as long as he can. So…. he’s still wearing his flippers, snorkel and mask to cook in …… and even worse, he’s completely naked under his souvenir apron.

See what reaction his regular builder customers have and check out Bob’s white bits. He’s really got the direct effect!

Huge kudos to Direct Holidays for a creative, fun and tongue in cheek campaign that makes for refreshing viewing in these times of doom and gloom in the UK. Exactly what we need! The only problem is that it’s made me REALLY want to take a nice long holiday now! How about you?

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