Eastenders Danielle Storyline Sparks Anger With Fans!


As a fan of Eastenders I have been following the Danielle and Ronnie storyline eagerly for the last 6 months or so (albeit rather impatiently of late) and like many other Easties fans I was really looking forward to tonight’s show. Sure, I’d heard the rumours of Danielle’s demise like everyone else but still couldn’t help thinking “The BBC wouldn’t be THAT stupid would they?” well, it turns out they were. Obviously!

After stringing us all along for months, Eastenders writers have delivered a big slap in the face to its regular viewers by killing off Danielle and thus ending a storyline that we had all been following. I know we should have all come to realise by now that there’s never a happy ending on the show, but for goodness sake, give us a break for once wont you?

Week after week myself and other viewers have sat watching our TV screens waiting for the ‘big reveal’ only to be shot down in flames by yet another doom and gloom ending. Big shocker there eh! Yes, it was well acted tonight, and yes I did shed a tear for Danielle but more than anything all I could think was “Is this IT?” After months and months of build up and hype the best they could do was to kill her off??

The world of Twitter is alight with appalled fans giving their thoughts on the way this storyline has ended and quite rightly so in my opinion. I almost feel as if I’ve been conned out of months of my life spent bothering to tune into what could have easily been eastenders best storyline ever only to find that actually, there was really no point as it just wasn’t going anywhere!

As far as I can see it this was one big cop out on Eastenders behalf! Filled with sloppy writing, empty promises and disappointment.

If it weren’t for the fabulous acting of Samantha Janus, Larry Lamb and co the whole hour long show would have been a big fat waste of time in my opinion.

Come on Eastenders, instead of being so intent on doom and gloom all the time, listen to what the viewers want to see for once and reward us for following the longest excruciatingly panned out storyline in the history of soap opera’s!

I’ll sign off by taking a deep breath and reminding myself that it’s just a TV show as I get my head back into the real world, but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling just a tiny bit of resentment to a show that I usually adore. Ah well, time for a cuppa I suppose!

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It’s all about viewing figures for eastenders bosses by the looks of things, read the latest article here on the eastenders site in which they rave about how the show must have been amazing as it pulled in so many viewers. Hmm, perhaps it pulled in loads of viewers because we all actually wanted to see an ending that left fans feeling like the last 6 months of viewing had been WORTH it. Big letdown folks, and what a cop out response.


  • MrsLisaW says:

    The build up has been for so long, I was expecting much more from Eastenders. The hour long special was weak in parts and the ending a let down. The actors cannot be faulted however and I especially enjoyed Larry Lambs performance.

    Let’s hope something can be salvaged from tonight’s disappointing special episode.

  • gypsyroadhog says:

    i’ve been fed up with this storyline for a while now as it’s dragged on and on and haven’t watched this week, but had to tonight as i’d heard it was coming to a conclusion but didn’t expect that to happen. archie should have gone as he’s terrible and can’t even watch when he’s on, but looks like he will go now.
    samantha janus was as good as usual. may watch next episode but not going to hold ma breath

  • krazykakashireborn says:

    Absolute worst episode ever. I was so excited to see her revedal her secret to Ronnie, I was on the edge of my seat dduring the moment, after being forced to endure months of mindless drivel with regurgitated and dragged out storylines and then…this. They may as well as turned round and punched us all in the face whilst they were at it, all that build up for nothing?! The acting was fanatstic as usual, especially in this episode it shone, Danielle, Ronnie, Archie and Peggy were all brilliant but killing her off at the end was to me as if they caught a serial murderer after months of constant cat and mouse chases and then said to him, its alright mate you can go free actually.

    If she actually is dead as Ronnie said, then so ends my patience with Eastenders too. My enthusiasm trowards it already had dwindled long ago and I was watching it for the sake of it, the Ronnie and Danielle plot helped to keep me interested but killing her off is too far Eastenders, way too far.

  • Madge says:

    I just couldn’t believe Eastenders. Been waiting ages for tonight’s episode. I was expecting so much. It was disappointing. I just thought finally Ronnie can finally have a bit of happiness, but no. Very disappointed!

    I thought the way they ended it was very quick, and very predictable. They could of at least got the ambulance there, and made an attempt to keep you wondering if she will survive or not. I think anyone could of written a better end to a fantastic storyline.

  • k3lly4nn3 says:

    was really annoyed after they just killed her off like that! been waiting for ages to see what happened and thought there might be a happy ending and we would get to see these 2 together but NO! i wont be watching this anymore i know that what a waste of time.

  • hippyhi5 says:

    Tiffany and Grant much?
    Why did noone call an ambulance quickly, you telling me no one had a bloody mobile or they didn’t know that right near the station there is a payphone! Come on!
    That was a really lazy way of ending that extremely long storyline. Ridiculous!

  • StaceyBBird says:

    Although the commentspeople are making are ones of disapointment, we must remember thay the writing and acting was superb. It is a shame that Danielle was killed off as it would of been an interesting relationship to follow of Mother and Daughter both who really wanted to find each other,

    I do know that next weeks eps are curentlt locked down, no magazines are reporting on what will be happening, so I can only imagine what is is store and look forward to finding out.

  • quininho09 says:

    OMFG where do I start, after waiting 7 mnths for dani to tell ronnie we had to put up with this poor excuse for a ending. I personally think that Danielle n Ronnie had a longer future together n more storylines. I also think that the writers should be sacked because it was another butcher (janine) killing another mitchell (Danielle), Same as the Tiffany n Frank storyline. Also after 7 mnths they shudda stretched danielle dying in to the next episode, i think they cudda made it more dramatic like having her hooked up to a life support n ronnie having to make the decision to switch it off or summat like that. I just think after the build up the ending was tele’s version of premeture ejaculation, a big build up n then massive dissapointment x

  • Kat says:

    I agree 100% that all the EE actors delivered a fantastic performance tonite!! BUT BIG mistake on behalf of the writers! What a complete waste of time the past 7 months have been!! It certainly is a big smack in the face for all the loyal fans who have wasted half a year of their lives waiting for this storyline to come to some sort of happy (ish?) conclusion!

    I hope a member of the EE writing/production team monitor all the negative feedback on this site and many other sites because they have really let loyal fans down. Eastenders has a reputation for being miserable, grey and depressing (and I have defended it to my husband on many occasion!) but tonite they have well and truly lived surpassed this reputation!

    I believe they will have driven a large number of fans away – including myself!! At such a depressing time in our current recession climate, many people switch on the box for some light relief! But not from EE’s!! No silver lignings or light relief to be gained from them – just more of the usual misery, deaths, fighting etc. Its getting boring now!

    Get a grip writers! This was the best storyline you’ve had for years and you’ve blown it! I for one will be voting with my remote control – and not switching EE on again!!!!!

    Adios & RIP 2 Eastenders!

  • milly says:

    yeah i do agree that the ending wasnt how i and many people hoped but i must say tht the quality of acting tonight and the way the whole episdoe pryer to the death of danielle was absolutly superb. and in fairness it was a brilliant episode no matter how dissapointed people r at the way it ended u cnt tke anything away from the episode because it was good. i think though u kinda new danielle was only guna ba temp character i dnt see where it wuda gone if she had survived. i think we need to wait until the follow up episode so we can have an explination as to y they decided to kill her off

  • Columbia says:

    I am livid that they killed off Danielle! The secret was certainly dragged out for too long, everyone I know agrees. Then, after months of waiting for her reunion with Ronnie, seconds later she was dead. Eastenders has always been my favourite soap and I’ve been watching it since I was very young. It annoys me when things take too long to be resolved like when we waited a year for Max and stacey’s affair to be exposed. However, I cannot help but be reminded that tragedy does make for more dramatic viewing than a happy ending. A perfect example of this is my favourite episode of Hollyoaks, When the fire at the pub killed off 5 characters. It makes me wonder whether Eastenders would have become boring once they became a loving mother and daughter. The acting last night was afterall amazing and I did cry my eyes out, which is a good result for a drama to have. But perhaps they could have waited a little bit longer to kill her off, so that the fans could have a bit of closure and a heart-warming feeling for once (this would’ve probably still made me cry cos I’m soppy like that) and so we could have seen them both team up for revenge on Archie. No wonder Eastenders has always been nicknamed Britain’s gloomiest soap!

  • NicolaERogers says:

    I know that I have already spoken but now I can do it in full…..
    First of all the actors/actress were brilliant especially Samantha Janus and Larry Lamb. (here we go)
    I can’t believe that they have ended probably the best storyline since Zoe and kat, it had truely got me gripped, but what a waste of 6/7months. There is a reccesion going on, we need that light relief, for me like many it was Eastenders. What have got to look forward to now, Lauren’s court case, Max kissed Stacey again!!! (personally that story line was boring and that went on WAY to long)
    Everyone knows that Eastenders is well known for being anti happy endings or anything remotely close to a happy ending but for me personally that took the biscuit. I like Ronnie, I like Samantha Janus playing her I think she does it really well, she is brilliant basically..
    I don’t think I will watch Eastenders again. I think I will stick to neighbours, at least they don’t tease you for months on end then reward you with nothing.

  • dan says:

    I am very disappointed, if Danielle dies in tonight’s episode (fri 3rd of April)
    my series link will be soo cancelled and will never ever be watching enders again, disgraceful.

  • julesyog says:

    after such a LOOOONG build up i found EE very disappointing last night. i know EE can be very depressing but that storyline and ending was just too much, it is time to give Eastenders a break i feel.

    great acting yes .. but rubbish writing :(

  • anto89 says:

    i knew yappy sad people would complain about it las night…get a life will yas it was the best espiode eastenders has done in long time…i wasnt expectin wat happened at the night so i say congrats on that it was very good and the acting was brillant…i really got in2 it…was very good!!

  • Dannii04 says:

    I was utterly dissapointed with eastenders for cutting Danielle out of the script permately, without even leaving a gateway for her to return!
    It seems asthough eastenders writers does not care about the audiences views, as i know aswell as myself, that many people have written to Bbc stating that Danielle’s character has been the best in the show since a long time.
    Why eastenders writers do not see happiness as option i don’t know but from now on i’m not going to give them the satisfaction of my viewing time it just seems a waste to say the least.
    I guess all where going to get now is utter depression of Ronnie and her family.
    If anything they should of written Janine out of the script permately and given Danielle a more greater chance, it’s just so predicable with eastenders that there can never be a happy ending, which to me doesn’t seem realistic as the show is meant to seem real it doesn’t feel it anymore!

  • I used 2 like Eastenders but I think its getting stupid now why do they kill people of all da time.

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