Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum

If you are looking for Eco Friendly products for Mum this Christmas then these two gorgeous gifts could be the perfect solution! Great for adding a little big of eco friendly glamour to the home they are also rather reasonably priced and very unique! Great when put together as a gift, or perhaps individually as stocking fillers?

Natural Soy Essential Oil Fragranced Candle in Coconut Shell

A half coconut shell lovingly filled with soy wax and finally makes it into the world as a rather special candle, fragranced with Mango or Coconut.

This candle is 95mm x 110mm tall and has a burning time of 50 hours.

The essential oil used are tested for their purity, and expertly blended by a specialist team of French perfumers.

This candle is produced ethically in Thailand from sustainable sources. The wax used is Soy from the Soya bean which is an annually renewed crop, the essential oil scents are from plant extracts.
Comes complete with natural balancing ring.

£14.00 from

O’thentique Eggshell Mosaic Tea Light for 4

Contemporary hand made tea light holder made using spun bamboo and recycled eggshells. Comes gift boxed. Holds four tea lights.

Hand crafted and comes gift boxed.

O’thentique are a team of designers with one goal. Unique fusion of quality and design – The designer is Danish; his choice of medium is the traditional Vietnamese lacquer ware.
Renewable resources – O’thentique use only renewable resources and recycled materials such as eggshells and bamboo.

Bamboo is very a fast growing material that quickly replenishes itself. Bamboo grows twice as fast as the average tree and releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere.

Cultural sustainability – Lacquer ware is a part of Vietnam’s culture, the practice has not changed for thousands of years. O’thentique have two workshops in Vietnam which are part of a co-operative group who are paid fairly and equally. O’thentique production is small where artisans are looked after and paid well.

Traditional techniques – The bamboo is split into long strips, which is then spun by hand to make bowls, platters and vases. This then undertakes the lacquer process or is painted. The leaves are then used to weave baskets. Lacquer ware practiced in Vietnam is a long and complex process that has not changed for over a thousand years. A single piece can take up to 115 days; a simple bowl will take a minimum of 50 days to finish. The lacquer is tapped from the Rhus Succedanea tree.

Method – The wooden design is first sealed and gauze is applied to ensure there is no cracking. The natural lacquer is mixed with different materials including finely ground saw dust, soil and mountain rock. This is then polished underwater using a sharpening stone. This is repeated 5-6 times.
The pattern of eggshells or mother of pearl is then applied by hand. This makes every piece of lacquer unique. The design has another 5 layers of polished lacquer applied.

Finishes – Different types of recycled eggshells to decorate each design. Eggshell is a great natural product giving the design a cracked look. Because of it’s naturally crème to brown colour, the designs work very well in homes complemented by wood and leather furniture. The eggshell is painstakingly applied piece by piece by hand.

Mother of Pearl is also used from recycled mother of pearl from sea shells to decorate many pieces. This has to be cut into shape and then it is hand applied to the design.

£19.99 from

It is also worth mentioning that this site now also offers a gift wrapping service. Presents will arrive wrapped in a high-quality, coloured paper made from Lokta paper, together with a hand written card. If more than one item is ordered, they will be sent in a gift-wrapped box and the items inside will not be wrapped. The invoice included with the package will omit prices.

Ben Wigley of BGS said, “We consider the environment throughout our business; from the products we source to their delivery, the running of our warehouse, and now carbon offsetting. We recognise that carbon is released as a side-effect of us delivering orders and expect this initiative to contribute to addressing climate change.”

Ben added, “In the lead up to Christmas we are hoping that customers will take advantage of this excellent time-saving, green wrapping service. Not only will we ensure gifts are delivered beautifully wrapped, but because we use Lokta paper, it also helps preserve the fragile eco system in Nepal and gives regular, fairly paid work to the people of the region.”

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