Five Easy Cleaning Tips For Lazy Girls

It’s not that you’re lazy; in fact you are incredibly busy now the sun has come out! Rushing from tanning sessions to bikini-buying afternoons and long BBQs; there simply isn’t time to keep the house clean. But housework-challenged ladies, fear not, because here are five of the best tips, products and shortcuts to clean your house this summer with minimum effort… Phew!

1. Go Minimalist

Dump that junk!  Simply develop a love for minimalist interiors; because the less dust-attracting objects in your home, the easier it is to keep clean. On a small level this means chucking your clutter by only keeping things in your house that have a function. On a larger level it can mean replacing dusty carpets for hard floors such as wood flooring, tiles, laminate flooring or even concrete. Either way, creating a minimalist interior will set you up for a life of minimal cleaning!

2.  Evriholder Microfiber Slipper Genie

These frankly genius slippers have chenille microfiber soles that gently dust and polish your, wood flooring, tiles or linoleum while you walk around the house going about your normal business. They come in all sizes, so for best results get a pair for each person living in your house or even give them to visiting guests. Job done!

3. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Here’s a nifty little tip to avoid scrubbing caked on food from the inside of your microwave and which you can do while you’re cooking. Bring a bowl of water to the boil in your microwave (if you can, stick a slice of lemon in) and stop it heating the minute the water is boiling, but leave the door shut. Leave it steaming for about 10 minutes and everything should just wipe off easily with a damp cloth or paper towels. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

4.  Build It Into Your Workout

Ok, so by now you’ve realised there is a minimum amount of cleaning you will have to do, no matter how many gadgets you buy or pots you soak. But by turning your cleaning sessions into a work-out, you can kill two birds with one stone and save precious time for tanning. Plus, you’ll look great in those summer bikinis. Cleaning burns around 100 calories per half hour and you can even wear wrist and ankle weights to tone your muscles at the same time. Simply blast out your favourite girly music and get going!  (Or try this Ultimate Cleaning Songs playlist by 1926 Wood Flooring)

5.  And if you really can’t face any of the above?

Get a cleaner!

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