Five simple steps on getting your home ‘guest ready’ this Christmas

With Christmas only days away, the time for family gatherings, parties and get togethers is only round the corner and before you know it, you’re playing the host!  Whether you’re having the parents, siblings, in-laws or extended family round, being the Christmas host can sometimes be quite stressful. You’ll want to do everything you can to make them feel at home and enjoy their time with you but this can sometimes be at your inconvenience.
Some people might have to give up bedrooms and sleep on sofas, the extra blow up bed will need to be fished out of the attic/basement, and you might even feel the need to re-furnish to impress your guests. With Christmas being an expensive time, you don’t want to go over-board or over budget with getting your home ready.  Saying that, a few little changes can make a difference so here are a few simple tips on giving your home an easy make-over without breaking the bank.

1 Invest in a Sofa bed

Sofa beds are very handy when you have guests stay over as they can be ready and prepared at a moment’s notice as well as gaining some extra seating space. Regardless of the size of your home or number of bedrooms you have, investing in a good sofa bed will always come in useful to when accommodating extra guests. Before purchasing, be sure measure up the space you want your sofa bed in so it fits, and choose a sofa bed with upholstery that is practical and easy to clean if you have children or pets visiting.

2 Cushions, throws and Rugs

A simple and cost effective way to reinvent your home is to decorate with cushions, rugs and throws. Fabrics and cushions of all shapes and sizes can really brighten up a dull room. Throws can be used not only to disguise a shabby sofa but double up as extra blankets for visiting guests. If you have tiled or wood flooring, rugs are a great way to play with space in a room, provide a splash of colour and keep your feet warm. As these are items that are easily transportable and are generally quite cheap, you can move them from room to room or completely replace them whenever your tastes change.

3.  Brighten up your Hallway

The hallway is often ignored when it comes to decorating, but is the first area of the house that guests see, often when using the bathroom or exiting adjoining rooms. Simple accessories like candles, flowers, or a nice centerpiece can have a big impact with little effort.  Additionally, you could also include a mirror in your hallway as it reflects light and gives the impression of the room having more space.

4.  De-clutter

Getting your home ‘guest ready’ is the perfect time for you to de-clutter and get rid of unwanted bits and pieces. This could be anything from broken furniture and contents in your garage to old toiletries and newspapers. You’ll be surprised on how much more space you’ll have once you’ve had a good clear out which can give you the chance to add personal touches to rooms your guests will be using.

5. Stock up on amenities

There’s nothing more inviting to guests than having a house full of extra towels, bedding and toiletries. You may want to invest in a new shower curtain and bath mat in the bathroom as guests tend to spend time in this room. Having a nice variety of soaps, shower gels, shampoos and beauty products will really make them feel welcome and little finishing touches like this will leave a good impression

The most important aspect of entertaining guests is to make them feel comfortable and like a home away  from home. Accommodating them with small personal touches and giving your home a mini makeover will make you the ultimate perfect host this Christmas.

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