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GALAXY MISTLETOE KISSES is returning to stores across the UK from September until early January. The tasty limited edition chocolate treat is also helping to boost awareness and affection for the festive mistletoe kiss which has been on the decline in recent years.

The research*, commissioned by GALAXY MISTLETOE KISSES, revealed some Christmas traditions are rapidly declining and that Mistletoe kissing is in danger of becoming an act from the past.  One in four (26%) of the nation admit they have never ever been kissed under the mistletoe.  This situation is likely to decline further as whilst over three quarters (79%) of those aged over 45 have shared a Mistletoe Kiss, shockingly less than half (43%) of 16-24 year olds have experienced this seasonal pleasure.

The problem is with no defined ‘British way’ to kiss, bewilderment under the mistletoe is common.  To help get Britain kissing at Christmas, GALAXY MISTLETOE KISSES teamed up with Liz Brewer, the UK’s leading etiquette expert of ‘Ladette to Lady’ fame, and created a simple Mistletoe Kissing etiquette guide.

GALAXY MISTLETOE KISSES fun and cheeky kissing etiquette guide sets the record straight on common mistletoe kissing blunders and provides advice on how to do it properly.  Here are some quick and easy guidelines on how to give someone the perfect mistletoe kiss:

Getting Started

If you’re expecting a lot of guests at your Christmas bash, hang your bunch of mistletoe in a very obvious place, ideally low enough so that no one can avoid noticing it and preferably in the centre of the room.
Make certain everyone kisses under the mistletoe, especially before they leave. Smiling is a must!
Although Liz Brewer thinks kissing three times is excessive, some people like it, but you should always start the kiss with the right cheek.  This gives uniformity to the procedure – so people don’t get flustered and bump noses!

Who Should You Kiss?

Don’t think that you have to waltz over to the person who has captured your interest, it’s quite in order to stand with eyes closed whilst waiting, and if they still don’t get the hint, it is also in order to give them a verbal prompt!
Remember that mistletoe kissing is a license to kiss and a way to spread some festive feeling.
Special nights like New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve mean anyone can kiss anyone under the mistletoe…that means friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.

Social Faux Pas

Do make certain you have clean teeth & fresh breath, and at the very least have a toothpick or mints at hand.
SMOKING IS A TOTAL NO NO – unless you like kissing a stale ashtray!
Guys and girls take note; consider each other.  Girls, don’t wear heavy make-up or thick lipstick, and guys, a few quick stokes with the razor will lesson a stubbly chin
If you do have a beard or moustache… do check for any little food left-overs!

The Romantic Mistletoe Kiss

The First Kiss is very significant. Take care not to overdo it. It should be gentle yet tantalizing. Pace yourself!
Most of all, a romantic mistletoe kiss should have chemistry; sparks either fly or fade
Most people kiss the way they want to be kissed… so follow your leader: hard or soft; slow or fast; exploratory…
If there is no mistletoe around you, then do your kissing as discretely as possible as there is nothing worse than watching a tongue situation getting out of control in a public place!

If you are still too shy for a real kiss why not give someone a GALAXY MISTLETOE KISS this Christmas?  Three delicious Galaxy chocolate pieces, filled with an indulgent mousse and caramel centre that you won’t be able to eat without puckering up!

GALAXY MISTLETOE KISSES will also be available in a box as single wrapped chocolate pieces, the perfect present for sharing with a loved one and new for this year’s festive season.

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