Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers

Jon Snow

Like many other Game Of Thrones fans, I have been waiting soooo long for season 6. The last season left us all wondering what was going to happen to Jon Snow. Is he still alive? There have been lots of rumours about the Red Woman bringing him back with dark magic. After we saw the Khal bought back, do we really want to see the same fate for Jon Snow?

I am very impatient when it comes to my favorite T.V shows and that’s why I just had to stay up until 2am so I could watch episode 1 of the new season. It kicks off with Jon snow lying in a pool of his blood. Not everyone in the nights watch agree with what the others did to him. The Red Woman also makes an appearance and says she saw him in the flames fighting at Winterfell, so maybe this isn’t the end for the Lord commander?

Ramsey Bolton / Myranda

Ramsey Bolton has sworn revenge on the person who killed Myranda saying he wishes she was here to see it. He then strangely says she is good meat and he wants her fed to his hounds! No wonder Sansa is trying to escape this guy. After what Theon did at Winterfell, he feels so guilty and doesn’t want Sansa so suffer in Ramseys games like he has. We saw him helping her escape at the end of season 5 and season 6 sees him guiding her through the woods and across a frozen river away from the flesh-eating hounds chasing them.

Brienne / Podrick

Unfortunately, Ramsey’s men catch up with them but before they get the chance to take them back to be tortured, Brienne and Podrick storm in on their horses and leave Ramsey’s men in a blood bath. Brianne then gets down on her knees and pledges her services to Sansa who gracefully accepts.


Last season I was really excited about the return of Myrcella, I couldn’t wait to see what her character would bring to the season but then she was poisoned and died before she got a chance to return. Season 6 sees the boat returning to King’s Landing and Cersei rushes out to meet her Daughter not knowing she’s already dead. The look on Jamie’s face says it all and she instantly knows she will never see Myrcella again.

We then go to Dorne Where the Prince finds out about Myrcella’s death. Ellaria and her Daughters then proceed to kill his guard by stabbing him then turn their knives to the prince himself,  promising that Dorne will never be ruled by weak men again.. Girl power! The Sand Sisters then attack Trystane Martell on the boat killing him as well… It wouldn’t be Game Of Thrones without a few deaths!

We then finally get to see Khaleesi. I feel like we never get to see enough of her! Last season she was taken by the Dothraki. Now we see her walking along side a horse being whipped by Dothraki men. Shee is taken to the Khal who vows to lay with her and give her his son. That is until she tells him she is the widow of Khal Drogo. It is forbidden to lay with a Khal’s widow and she is told she must live out the rest of her days with the other Khal’s widows.

Arya Stark

We then see Arya Stark sat begging in the street blind!! The girl from the hall of faces shows up and gives Arya a wooden stick and tells her to fight. The girl then beats Arya and tells her she will see her tomorrow. My guess is she’s going to train her to use her other senses to fight now that she’s blind.

Back to Castle black where the we see the red woman take off all her clothes and suddenly become a withered old lady! I seriously cannot wait for next weeks episode… Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to grab some epic Game Of Thrones Merchandise at

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