Get Your Green Fingers Ready! Gardening is so ‘In’ for 2011.

This year, with budgets getting tighter and money running lower we think that it is great to see more people turning to their own gardens for means of relaxation and some good old fashioned green fingered growing!

Gardening can be a lot of fun, whether you find yourself wanting to grow beautiful flowers to brighten up your day every time you look outside or whether you are joining in the recent trend of growing your own fruit, herbs and vegetables then it is definitely for you.

There are various things that you can grow, even in the smallest of gardens. We are currently looking at growing our own herbs and small vegetables in pots but if you have a larger amount of outdoor space you could even go so far as to set up your own allotment, greenhouse and more.

There is something relaxing about coming home from a hard day at work, heading out in to your garden and settling down, knowing that it is your own little haven of peace and tranquility. You can brighten it up with solar powered lights, twinkly fairy lights and brightly coloured, unusual plants and flowers with garden ornaments dotted about for good measure.

There are so many books and Internet websites about gardening that are easily accessible nowadays that there really is no excuse for neglecting yours!

Do you have any top gardening tips for beginners? Share them with us here so that we can all get a head start in this fantastic, simple hobby this year and be proud of our gardens once more!

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