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Hello girls and boys, well mainly girls as you are on the site Girlie Gossip, this is your weekly fix of showbiz stories.  This week we had to have a bit of the Andre, he is everywhere!  A bit more nudity from one of our favourite actors at the moment – Daniel Radcliffe – Mr American Heartthrob looking for a big house move, some major major X Factor news that you have to know about and is it possible MJ can still win an Oscar?  Read on and become enthralled in the world of showbiz.  Enjoy!

‘Woaaahhhhowww mysterious Sunday newspaper I want to get close to your bank’

MYSTERIOUS GIRL singer Peter Andre absolutely loves the media attention at the moment; I bet it feels a bit like Christmas when you were a child opening that all important tricycle.  Nothing else mattered as long as you got the present you asked for.

There has been him splitting up with Katie Price, or is it Jordan now they aren’t together, who actually knows.  Then there was him releasing his new single ‘Behind Closes Doors’ recently, which I am sure he was miming at T4 on the Beach, Oh yeah and talking of that festival that is actually on a beach there is him falling off stage, although he does pull it back and do it with some panache (doesn’t he?).  Now it has been reported he has won a legal battle against a Sunday newspaper that claimed he had some sort of fondle with a Jordan look-alike back in May (think that confirms we are going with Jordan then).

Pete, as Jordan used to call him on their hit reality TV show Katie and Peter, accepted libel damages earlier this week.  Peter did ensure the media that he was never unfaithful to his wife.  Well that’s not what she is saying!  So who do you believe the man who brought us fake muscles dancing in the sea on a music video with the lyrics ‘mysterious girl I want to get close to you’ (charming!)  OR the woman who, over the years, has brought us a fake chest and face plastered all over lads mags!  I will tell you something, I am staying well out of it but well done Mr Peter Andre for winning your libel case!

Radcliffe loves nudity…FACT!

NOW THEN, here is one that may make you a bit hot under that sweater of yours.  HARRY POTTER’S leading star, Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that when he was a teenager he used to enjoy walking around his house naked.  Didn’t we all?  Well this is a bit different; his parents inspired him to do so!  He also admitted to seeing his mum and dad naked.  Now I don’t know about you but I walked in on my mum getting changed once and as a result was taken to hospital because I had fainted and needed medical assistance.  Don’t get me wrong nakedness is great, but in the privacy of your own room.  Let’s not forget the Potter actor went nude in the West End show Equus back in 2007.  So his teenage nudity experiences served him well.
However is there any need for Mr Radcliffe over here to go flashing his guns all the time, actually I am sure most of you single girls or even coupled girls as well would very much like that.  However I say put your pecks away Radcliffe and bring us the next Potter film.

We can’t keep the Americans away, they love it!

Through a great number of films this actor has lived on the Atlantic, on a beach and in South Africa.  NOW Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently looking for a home in the UK.  As you read this you are probably thinking ‘you can come and stay with me’.  We all wish we could have a celeb as a housemate, especially this one.  However, Leo has chosen fame over fan (I’m sorry, I tried my best) by turning to filmmaker Guy Ritchie for advice on choosing a house, who brought us films such as RocknRolla and the infamous Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels .

Obviously these kind of films bring the money in and two celebs putting their heads together to come up with a place to live couldn’t just be a sit down chat with a Starbucks coffee.  O no no no, these two allegedly headed over to Whisky Mist where they knocked up a £10,000 bill spent on champagne and tequila.  Phew I’m glad I didn’t try harder to get him as a housemate, tequila isn’t the best drink out there.

Leo’s next film will see him teamed up with Christopher Nolan for Inception.

Queen of Pop is the chosen one

THE GLOVES are on, she has been chosen!  The demon of all judges in the reality talent TV world, Simon Cowell is looking to sign one of the world’s best known faces for the massively popular Saturday night show – X Factor.  This right here is major news, Cowell being the forthright man that he is, has gone straight to the show bosses and asked them to find extra money for a deal with the pop queen Madonna.
She would be one of the guest mentors helping push contestants through stages of the competition.  It is basically the same as what Westlife, Britney Spears, Take That and Beyonce have done previously on the show.  Lets face it this also raises ratings through the roof, keeping ITV very happy people.  This Simon Cowell fella is a clever man, he knows how to win the audience over with style.
The idea is to keep rivalling the other reality talent TV show, Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC.  Oooooo how exciting an ITV v BBC showdown, this will make great television for 2009/2010, especially with Alesha Dixon coming to Strictly.
However with Madonna currently on tour whilst planning a family trip to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and releasing her greatest hits album, both at the end of the month, can she manage the hustle and bustle of possibly the greatest talent TV show on our screens to date?  Only time will tell.

Late King of Pop set for Oscar – is it even possible?

HOW CRAZY is this, Michael Jackson may win an Oscar.  He truly is the King of Pop; even though he died several weeks ago he is still making history.  Throughout his career he dipped in and out of some acting roles and even planned to become a film director later through his career.

Moving onto the important bit, this is how the late MJ may win his Oscar next year – whilst the singer was rehearsing for his endless list of gigs at London’s O2 he was being filmed and this footage will be used in a documentary. The film or documentary, as the cool kids like to call it, will cost around £40million and funded by Sony.  Now the most exciting bit is what this will include, well let me be the person to tell you – as well as the never-before-seen rehearsal footage there will be three new music videos and a digitally enhanced version of Thriller.  For a money making scheme this is pure genius, people will come in their thousands even millions to see MJ on the big screen.  Fans will want to know how he was in the last days of his life.

This bizarre story of the King of Pop, the man who had the biggest global audience, is continuing even after his death.  What on earth will his corpse bring us next…

By Daniele Baron

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