Halloween Treats & Decoration Ideas

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This is Halloween..

Halloween has got to be my second favorite time of year (Christmas comes first). Decoration ideas are few and far between here in the UK. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to go all out like the Americans do. I remember even as a child watching Hocus Pocus, I used to love the huge houses decorated inside and out in pure spookiness.

However, if you look in the right places you can find some amazing decorations or even make your own. This year, Party Delights have a MASSIVE range of horrifying props, decorations, costumes and more! This really is the best place to shop in the UK for spooky treats. With party packs, treats & games, tableware and even personalised banners, you really don’t need to look anywhere else this Halloween!

When it comes to food, Keep guests entertained with playful ghoulish treats. Some of these revolting-yet-delicious goodies will definitely freak people out! There are some gruesome but yummy ideas you can try here. These are guaranteed to add a bit of fun to your spooktacular bash!


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