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Nominated for Eight Emmy® Awards – Experience The New Series Everyone is Talking About!


The countdown for the hottest DVD release of 2007 starts now with the news that smash-hit series HEROES (SEASON ONE: PART ONE) is out to own on DVD from October 1st courtesy of Universal Pictures UK.

The addictive drama that has sparked a global phenomenon tells epic stories about ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities. From freezing time and foreseeing the future, to being invisible and even indestructible, these unsuspecting Heroes unravel a plot riddled with conspiracy, murder, suspense and intrigue.

The mind-blowing special effects and suspense-filled conundrums are a stroke of genius from creator Tim Kring (Crossing Jordan), so prepare to surrender yourself to the intrigue and become completely immersed in the world of Heroes where nothing is as it seems.

Heroes was honored as Program of the Year at the TCA Awards (Television Critics’ Association) in the US and has already developed a cult following around the globe and HEROES (SERIES ONE: PART ONE) is just the beginning. As well as containing each knuckle-biting minute of episodes 1-11, viewers also have the chance to be one step ahead with the exclusive unseen 73-minute premiere episode containing a never-seen-before character. Not only that, but there’s more than 30 deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage plus revealing bonus features to keep you gripped!

Completing the story, HEROES (SERIES ONE: PART TWO) is released December 10th. A perfect stocking-filler for Christmas or for those who want to complete the set, this second instalment features episodes 12-23 plus more exciting extras to be announced soon.

Relive the excitement of this year’s hottest TV drama or experience it for the first time with HEROES – SEASON ONE: PART ONE on DVD, out to own October 1st 2007.


Key Character Synopsis

Mohinder Suresh
An Indian genetics professor who travels to New York in a bid to complete his father’s research and uncover the secret he died protecting.

Peter Petrelli
A young male nurse desperate to convince his politician brother, Nathan Petrelli that he can fly. Peter is convinced that saving a young cheerleader is the key to preventing his nightmares becoming reality.

Claire Bennet
A high school cheerleader who discovers she is completely indestructible and has an adoptive father who is being very secretive about his job at the mysterious ‘Prima Tech Paper Company’.

Niki Sanders
A Las Vegas stripper struggling to make ends meet to support her young son Micah and who is troubled by her reflection in the mirror, which has a mind of its own and holds a dark secret.

Matt Parkman
A Los Angeles cop who realises he can hear people’s thoughts. This puts him on the trail of an elusive serial killer named Sylar but also makes him a prime suspect in the murder case.

Isaac Mendez
A gifted artist whose drug induced paintings, predict the future. This includes nightmare visions of the brutal murder of a cheerleader, a flying man, and the obliteration of New York City.

Hiro Nakamura
A computer programmer from Tokyo, who finds himself able to teleport and manipulate the space-time continuum. Joined by his best friend Ando Masahashi their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world…

Heroes Season 1 Part 1 DVD Details


Unaired Pilot – The full 73-minute original, unaired, extended pilot episode. Edited by Tim Kring and containing audio commentary from the creator. It contains a character that never featured in the show.

The Making of Heroes – From concept to pop culture phenomenon, a behind-the-scenes look at the hottest new series on television

Special Effects – The secrets behind the eye-popping visuals that give the Heroes their amazing powers.

34 Deleted Scenes


To celebrate the release of Heroes, we are giving away a copy of series 1 on DVD, all you have to do is answer the simple question below, and email it to us HERE competition closes October 17th 2007 – Good Luck

Who stars as Claire Bennet the industructable cheerleader in “Heroes” ?

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