Honey Monster Rocks & Banana Puffs


Honey Monster Foods is set to add a wholesome new breakfast cereal option to its product portfolio, with the introduction of Monster Rocks. Wholegrain oats, maize flakes and crisp rise are fused together to form delicious wholesome clusters that kids love.
Launching in June 2009, Monster Rocks contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and taste great. It also has less sugar than most pre-sweetened cereals on the market making it a healthier option for parents.

Honey Monster Foods is also set to launch its first ever limited edition cereal with the introduction of Banana Puffs, which is based on the brands ever popular Sugar Puffs, the new banana flavoured cereal will be on the shelf this summer and is fortified with vitamins and iron.

We managed to get hold of a box of each cereal, and found that the new additions to the Honey Monster family are both great ones, with all the family tucking in at breakfast time. Personally my daughter and I thought that the Banana cereal was the stronger of the new range, and hope that it gets taken on as a full part of the brand and not just a limited edition.

“Health is a significant motivator for parents at breakfast time, but so is value for money and knowing that the product they buy is going to be eaten. Monster Rocks strikes a balance between what kids are happy to eat and what parents are happy to feed them” – Jane James Honey Monster Foods

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