Hotel Chocolat Celebrates ‘Chocolate Week 2010’

Discover, Escape, Enjoy! British luxury chocolatier and cocoa grower, Hotel Chocolat, is planning a series of tasting adventures in honour of Chocolate Week 2010, which runs from 11-17 October.

This Chocolate Week, Hotel Chocolat will be sharing its knowledge and passion with all chocolate devotees by running a series of comparative tasting sessions aimed at encouraging chocolate lovers to take the next step in their chocolate appreciation.

Flavour Notes
During the tastings, chocolate devotees will learn how better to distinguish the amazing array of chocolate’s flavour notes and how these can differ when tasted in different conditions – which can even be as subtle as tasting the chocolate at different times of the day!

Cocoa, Terroir and Conch
By tasting a range of chocolates, chocolate lovers will also discover how the fascinating nuances of flavour and texture are influenced by such things as the type of cocoa, the terroir in which it was grown and the length of time the chocolate is conched.

Insider Knowledge and Tips
The tasting sessions represent a unique opportunity to gain insider knowledge and tasting tips from one of the world’s few cocoa-growing chocolate makers – especially as they are the first events of this kind for Hotel Chocolat.

Chocolate Week Introductory Offer
And during Chocolate Week, chocolate lovers can take advantage of a special introductory offer of just £35 per person.  The tastings will take place in two London locations, Kensington or Borough Market, from 6-8pm each day.

•    Monday, 11 October, The Rabot Estate Store by Hotel Chocolat, Borough Market, London
•    Wednesday, 13 October, The Rabot Estate Store by Hotel Chocolat, Borough Market, London
•    Thursday, 14 October, Hotel Chocolat, High Street Kensington, London
•    Saturday, 16 October, Rabot Estate Store by Hotel Chocolat, Borough Market, London

Our aim is to democratise access and awaken all experience seekers to the vivid flavours of rare and vintage chocolate.  We don’t believe premium chocolate should be elitist and so we want to give access to as many chocolate lovers as possible.  We see Chocolate Week as the perfect opportunity for chocolate lovers to further their knowledge via these courses.  For those who are just keen to dip their toe in the water we also offer more basic informal tastings on a daily basis nationwide at all our stores.  And if you’re looking to try something special this Chocolate Week, we’d recommend that you start by exploring our Purist Range. From the renowned Chuao bean from Venezuela, to our own Rabot Estate Trinitario and the beans from our Island Grower partners in Saint Lucia, there’s something to suit every taste –  so discover, escape and enjoy!”   Angus Thirlwell, CEO  & Co-Founder, Hotel Chocolat.

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