How to Create Your Very Own Dance Studio In Your Home!

With Strictly Come Dancing soon hitting our screens, dance inspiration is hitting the nation and you might even be one in the making!  Are you the undiscovered talent?  Need space to practice? Or maybe the kids are driving you crazy with their “Want to be a dancer stage”.  Don’t panic about studio fees or room hire because you can build your own dance studio in the comfort of your home!  Having a convenient place to practice what you’ve learnt in class makes it much easier to perfect your steps and improve more quickly. Based on the amount of space you have, budget and flooring, converting one of the rooms at home can be easily done with not much hassle. To give you the freedom to dance whenever you want, here are a few simple steps on how you can transform a room in your home into your own dance studio.

Choose your Space

Decide on the best location/space in your home to have your dance studio be it your house, garage or attic.  Consider a place where the noise won’t be a problem and determine how much space you need for practicing your style of dance.

Lay Down your Floors

Proper wood flooring is crucial for any room you decide to convert into a dance studio or room.  The KAHRS Activity range would be a good one to go for as they have sprung flooring properties which reduce shock loading to knees and ankles.  The patented, energy-absorbing construction also makes it very simple to create a high quality floor surface. These floors are also very easy to install and maintain.

Mirror Image

Mirrors are definitely important for you to learn your steps and add value in your new dance space! Perfecting your moves  is the key and mirrors are useful in so many ways as you can see yourself from various angles as well as the benefit of highlighting where problem areas of the routine lie. Buy large mirrors from a hardware or department store and check for the size and number of precut mirrors you need.  Before installing mirrors, be sure to read the instructions that come with it for secure mounting.


Barres are not really a necessity unless your style of dance is ballet but is also good to have for stretching exercises and warm ups.  Building ballet Barres are actually a lot simpler and cheaper than you might think. The cheapest method is to use handrails and brackets you can buy from any home supply store and lay brackets across the wall securing with screws. Make sure each screw is tight and the barre is secure and stable.

Finally, find the perfect spot to hang your barre and make sure there is enough room to raise your straight leg to the front and to the back.


Add a stereo system to your dance studio space. Turn up the volume, practice your moves  and dance like there’s no tomorrow!

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