How to Get Over a Break Up


Break ups can be incredibly difficult to get over and it often takes time to recuperate and feel confident again. Being emotionally attached to a single person and then having that connection severed can be very confusing and upsetting, but it’s always important to remember that you’ll get over the relationship eventually.

Here, we take a look at a few ways in which you can help the healing process:

 Talk to friends

It is in times of real emotional hardship that you really feel and appreciate how good it is to have a close group of friends around you. Talking about how you’re feeling with people you trust, can help ease the pain and get a lot of the issues out of your system. Remember that good friends are always there to listen to any of your problems and help you get back on your feet, so don’t hesitate in going to them for help. Alternatively, seek professional counselling from dedicated services.

Pamper yourself

There’s nothing quite like pampering yourself properly to get over a bad relationship break up. Whether it’s booking yourself a spa weekend or just running yourself a deep, hot and soapy bubble bath at home, you’ll definitely feel better at the end.

If you are pampering yourself at home in the bath, remember to be careful with your use of perfumed oils or bubble baths. Such products can result in irritation so they aren’t a good idea if you suffer from recurrent cystitis.

 Don’t cling on

It may be difficult at the time, but it is vital that you try not to cling on to the relationship or your ex-partner. Though it may seem like you can fix things, a break up is usually a wound that cannot be healed and you’ll only make it harder for yourself in the long run.

Obsessively stalking your ex on social networking sites, or constantly sending them texts will not help you get over the relationship, and will only leave you in an unhealthy position.

Get back out there

Getting back out there doesn’t necessarily mean dating straight away. Find things to do outside of the house that you enjoy and invite friends along. It’s common for relationships to change or become stale, so break ups can be a perfect time to get back out there and discover what you’ve been missing. Whether it’s the cinema, theatre, art exhibitions, sports or dancing that you enjoy, make the most of every opportunity by socialising again.


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