Jo Brand – The More You Ignore Me


Celebrity obsession, coming of age and cow shit – an hilarious, poignant and darkly comic novel by the Queen of Comedy.

Alice is five, and convinced she needs five personalities to cope. Her family, tucked in a cottage in deepest Herefordshire, are a bit weird. Her mother Gina is obsessed with the weatherman on the local news and when she climbs naked onto the roof with Alice’s pet guinea pig in her arms, she is whisked off to the local psychiatric hospital. Keith, Alice’s father, tries to keep calm, but his patience is severely tested by his in-laws. The only thing that gives Alice’s hope is her love for Morrissey of The Smiths…

About the Author
Jo Brand is a stand-up comic with many TV and radio shows to her name. She is married with two children and lives in South London.

We love Jo Brand, so it’s no surprise that we found ourselves really enjoying this book! Funny, honest and well written.

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