Joshua Radin Bristol O2 Academy Review


Every now and again an artist comes along and after one play of their record you find yourself completely hooked. Joshua Radin is exactly this kind of artist. An American singer/songwriter with a cool, calming voice, beautiful lyrics and mesmerising melodies make him a pleasure to listen to and he is currently taking the UK by storm!

Girlie Gossip were lucky enough to get to see him live at an intimate Bristol gig and were left absolutely astounded by his performance.

Before we go into too much detail we’d also like to take a minute to mention Joshua’s support act Meiko who came on before the man himself. We’ll be brutally honest and say we had no idea who she was at first, but within minutes of her walking onto the stage and taking her place at the mic she had the audience hanging on her every word. Meiko’s warm, friendly and completely natural stage presence was wonderful to take in and her voice is simply amazing. In short we were blown away! Our favourite Meiko song of the evening was ‘Boys With Girlfriends’ and we loved the explanation behind the song. Funny, talented, beautiful and completely wonderful, we hope to see Meiko get her own headlining tour in the UK soon, we’ll be there!

After a few fantastic songs, Meiko left the stage to rapturous applause for her performance and everyone waited eagerly for the man himself. I should probably mention that when I say the Bristol venue was intimate, I really do mean it. We were crammed like sardines in the bar area and the stage was set literally a few feet in front of us, granted it was a little warm (in fact, lets not gloss over it, it was bloody boiling and at least one girl fainted and had to be carried out) but despite the sweltering heat, the crowd were upbeat, positive and keen to hear the music we’d all been waiting for.

Joshua walked on stage after sound checks had been performed for his set, instantly beaming at the crowd and winning us all over from the start (Girls, he is even more handsome in the flesh, we kid you not) armed with his guitar, very talented band and beer in hand he started his performance, treating us to some classics such as Closer (My favourite!) Winter and One of those days. We also got to hear some brand new songs written in rainy old England which was really exciting!


Joshua engaged completely with the crowd, constantly checking the people at the back of the room could hear whenever he had to turn the sound down a little and making every single person in the room feel as though he were performing just for them. He gave us detailed descriptions of why he wrote each song and the meaning behind them, which for me as a huge fan was really interesting, it was also great to see some of his personality shine through in the way he openly chatted in-between songs.

After he returned for the encore (much to the crowd’s delight) and finished his set completely the chatter amongst the crowd was immense with everyone turning around to the person they were stood next to (friend or complete stranger) and saying how brilliant an evening it had been. A real experience that none of us will forget. Many thanks to Joshua, Meiko and the staff at the O2 Academy Bristol for making the evening a complete success and a joy to attend! I can’t wait for the next UK show! We’ll be sure to keep you posted with details of where you can catch Joshua Radin or Meiko in the UK next, so keep checking back!


On a personal note, if anyone is still reading this far down the page:

I would like to give a special personal thanks to Joshua, his music has pulled me through some of the hardest times of my life. Regular readers of the website will know that I suffered a stillbirth a couple of years ago, and music plays a huge part in healing the heart. Joshua Radin’s music in particular has been on repeat on my itunes on more occasions than I can remember and it is with thanks that I say how thought provoking and truly wonderful it has been listening to your songs over the years. Looking forward to more albums in the future and can’t wait for the new stuff to be released!

Becky Bowden – Owner/Editor Girlie Gossip UK.

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