The Latest Trends You Need to Try!

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The Latest Trends You Need to Try

Trends and FADs come and go, but there are a few that end up sticking; making a revolutionary change to people’s lifestyles. But how do we differentiate from the trends that’ll embarrass us when we look back on them, from the ones that’ll actually stick? No one wants a repeat of bucket hats or frosted tips. Therefore, here are a few of the trends which are more likely to stick and be less embarrassing than some of our more regrettable choices.

Return of the Slogan Tee

If you’re an introvert and prefer to say it through your clothing, then these slogan graphic tees were made for you. Of course, not all slogans are chic, but the ultra-feminist quotes written across simple t-shirts are an impeccable improvement. And although feminism isn’t a trend or style, sporting the words “we should all be feminists” and “females of the future” isn’t going to make you look stupid. Instead, you’ll impact any room you enter.

Go Green

Dyeing our hair all different shades of crazy colours is yet to die out. Last year, unicorn locks and mermaid hues were all the rage. But, this year, green is most certainly on the rise. Instead of dip dyeing our hair, you’re now expected to take the bull by the horns and dye your whole head single block colours. Experts say the secret to wearing green hair is to make it look expensive, so that means deep emeralds and distancing yourself from neon tones.

Vape Over Cigarettes

Vaping has exploded all over the globe and is being enjoyed and preferred over traditional cigarettes by millions. This is because of vaping companies such as Auster, offer premium vaping flavours such as sea salt savoury caramel ice cream and lemon layered cake brew. Therefore, instead of tasting smoke, you can sate your savoury or sweet tooth instead. You could even join the ever-growing vaping culture which is becoming a sport of its own. Quite literally – called cloud chasing. If it helps, there’s prize money typically ranging from $250 to $2,000.

Back to the 80s

This applies to both fashion and home trends. In clothing, we’re seeing ruffles, puffed-up sleeves and metallic shirts, skirts, and dresses. However, this time round, we know what to avoid (no crimping, sorry). For houses, minimalism is still deemed stylish, but vivid colours and geometrics are making a loud comeback; therefore, you’ll have to be clever when working this into your interior, otherwise, you may be embarrassed and have to spend more money trying to cover your mistakes.

If you’re a fan of the 80s but wish to tread lightly, keep the walls neutral and place colourful accessories such as textiles around the house instead. That means, geometric pink and green cushions and rugs, safely placed against single coloured couches.

Cinch the Waist

Before you flashback to the 00s, where oversized waist belts were tightly wrapped around your midriff. The new waist cinching trend is far more tasteful and will save you from future embarrassment. These new belts are usually leather, seamless and offer a bohemian, romantic charm which also has an edge. See? Not so bad.

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