MAKE IT HAPPEN – Dance Your Way Fit!!!

Street dancing
Street dance incorporates a number of styles – most of which you can see in action by plonking yourself down in front of MTV for half an hour. From popping (fluid, languid, effortless looking moves) to locking (an American form of street dance that includes very precise, almost jerky moves – think Janet Jackson), the acrobatic challenge of break dancing … to the R’n’B bump and grind, a la Beyonce. You’ll need a great sense of rhythm, good coordination and plenty of attitude!

A traditional form of dance from the Middle East, belly dancing is very sensual and feminine. It’s also fantastic for the abdominal and back muscles – helping to improve posture, ease period pain and back ache and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. You don’t need a be-jewelled navel to give it a go – and as its low impact and gentle, it’s suitable for anyone to try.

Salsa dance
Salsa means ‘sauce’ and it certainly can be a saucy way to work up a sweat and meet members of the opposite sex! (In its original form, salsa is a courtship dance) It’s also highly energetic, with fluid, circular patterns of movement and lots of hip swivelling and spinning around. The movements require a strong ‘core’ and will soon tone the abdominals, glutes, thighs, lower back and calves. You’ll need good coordination and a good sense of rhythm – but if all else fails, just enjoy the music!

Ballroom dancing
Enjoying a resurgence of popularity, thanks to Brucey and the gang! Ballroom dancing is an umbrella for all kinds of dances, from the drama of the Tango to the grace of the Waltz. And make no mistake; mastering the fancy footwork of these dances will get you seriously fit. One study found that at competition level, heart rate and breathing rate of professional dancers was equal to that of cyclists, swimmers and 800 metre runners! It’s also great for posture, flexibility and grace.

Ballet dancing

Your days of dreaming of being a ballerina may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of a ballet-inspired workout. Benefits like strong, streamlined muscles, amazing suppleness and flexibility, improved posture and fluid, graceful movement. Classes such as Ballet Fusion and New York City Ballet Workout bridge the gap between fitness class and pure ballet.

Yes, it’s true – fitness can be fun, so what are you waiting for? Get your dancin’ shoes on and enrol in a class today!

Make It Happen is due to be released on DVD on 29th December 2008 courtesy of Optimum Releasing.

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