Men’s Jewellery to Impress!

It can be hard to buy men’s jewellery; they can often be just as fussy as women and very hard to please! We recently stumbled across a great selection of men’s rings from a fantastic website selling quality silver jewellery so we thought we’d share our findings!


Our absolute favourite men’s product from Tales From The Earth has to be this fantastic chunky silver ring. It is solid, hard wearing and looks great on. Not one to blend in to the background it is a real statement piece that your man will instantly love. Trust us! This weighty piece is sure to impress, so much so that he’ll never want to take it off!

For an even more modern look then we’d suggest this impressive chunky ring below. With its clean cut lines it is perfect for the guy who has everything and would make a great Valentines Day gift!


About Tales From The Earth

So what’s it all about? Well, it started through travelling. We always loved to travel. A kaleidoscope of cultures, stories and landscapes made it great to get out of the house, even if it was for a year or two at a time. And from this grew Tales From The Earth. We were clear what we wanted from the start – to create silver jewellery, keepsakes and charms that told stories, like those we encountered on our voyages. Twenty years on, we’re still at it. Travelling. Being inspired. Telling Tales. And people still come to us because they want something beautiful and unusual. Fabulously packaged. For any occasion. If your heart still sings, you’ll love what we do.

All of the deigns and more are available at along with plenty of quality jewellery and trinkets for women.

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