We Met Online – The Truth About Internet Friends

Online Friends

My Internet Friends

If I’m honest, at least 30% of my Facebook friends are people I have never met in the real world. Some of these people I have been talking to for over 5 years and some only a few weeks.

Personally, I suffer from high anxiety and I also find it hard to leave the house, so meeting new people is nearly impossible. Having a mental health disorder can make you feel very isolated and alone. Thankfully, I have met some amazing people online who have literally changed my life.

After spending many years trying to get help from doctors, talking therapies, hypnotherapists and so on, the one thing that has made a real difference to my mental health is talking to people like me online who are going through the same things. There are some fantastic support groups on Facebook filled with kind lovely people.

I’m so grateful to have a group of close friends who I talk to every day via Skype. I have never met these women physically but after many late-night, deep conversations, I feel like I have known them all my life. They understand me in ways no one else can and I know this sounds really soppy but I bloody love them!


On the days where I feel low and I don’t feel like going out, I get Jodi yelling at me to get dressed and put my face on. They all make me feel like I CAN do the things that scare me and I know they have my back. One of the people I have met online (Luan) only lives around 45 minutes away from me and we are planning to meet up soon. Luan is one of those people you just want to hug! She’s very understanding and has an absolute heart of gold!

Jade is the funny one in our group, she never fails to make us all giggle and she’s a mega cutie. Jodi lives in Westminster, MD. USA. I find it absolutely fascinating when she takes us on little trips around her local town via skype. We have got to see so many beautiful sights and even had shopping trips where she has bought things you can only get in the states and sent them over to us! In return, we have sent her over some goodies you can only get in the UK.

All in all, these inspiring women have changed my life in ways I never thought possible. They are helping me so much with my recovery and I like to think I’m helping them too. Every day I am stepping further and further out of my comfort zone!

I always hear such negative stories about people who meet online. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are real dangers! But don’t be afraid to reach out and make friends online because there ARE some kind hearted loving people out there who can end up becoming lifelong friends.

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