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If your complexion is looking a little dull and under-nourished, give it some love and attention with this season’s must-have cosmetic, mineral make-up. Though it’s been around for a while, mineral-based all-in-one products have… mainly been aimed at money-rich, time-poor women, and only now are brands L’Oreal, Maybelline and Rimmel launching their very own, affordable ranges.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, mineral make-up contains no alcohol, dyes, oils, perfumes, preservatives or talc, and is made with a hypoallergenic loose powder that naturally nourishes your skin.  Replacing the traditional three-step make-application process, the foundation-concealer-powder routine has been swapped for a time saving method, which achieves a flawless look in a matter of moments, and is the only cosmetic recommended by dermatologists.

Feed your face

The science behind the powder is simple: mineral make-up is based on zinc oxide and titanium, which naturally soothe and rejuvenate your skin and contain none of the synthetic ingredients usually found in our make-up bags.

These minerals also offer a sun protection factor and because zinc has anti-inflammatory properties, it is great for skin conditions such as acne.

“Mineral make-up is great for women with sensitive skin who like the look of all-over coverage and for young skins prone to acne and redness,” says celebrity make-up artist Kay Montano.

Diane Ranger, creator of the mineral cosmetic brand, Colorescience agrees: “Lots of women struggle with allergies, dryness and clogged pores from unfriendly commercial make-up. Mineral make-up lets you enhance skin care with positive beauty choices, not create more problems.”

With a texture lighter than that of traditional cosmetics, experts say that even after reapplying, you’ll only ever see a natural, translucent radiance, through which your skin can breathe.

Dianne York-Goldman, founder of DYG Mineral Make Up, explains that triple-milled minerals like titanium, gold, zinc, magnesium and aluminium naturally relax, refresh and revitalise the skin, and offer a genuine beauty solution.

It is also perfect for older women because the minerals create a healthy glow through essential vitamins, antioxidants and ingredients that actually hydrate the skin and conceal wrinkles creating a younger, youthful looking appearance.

“If you have fine lines or crow’s-feet, traditional make-up can cake in those places, often creating an illusion of deeper lines,” says Dianne York-Goldman.

Beauty sleep

With traditional make-up that covers skin and clogs pores, it is vital to remove any products before going to bed, but with mineral products this isn’t the case.

“’I can actually sleep with my make-up on if I need to,” Dianne York-Goldman points out. ‘If I have to be up early, I apply it the night before”

So far so good, but before you rush out to fill your beauty bag with mineral miracles, here are some of the best tried and tested products.

Tried and tested


As celebrity make-up artist Susan Posnick explains, “Pure mineral make-up allows the skin to breath,” which is brilliant news if you suffer from oily skin, as it stops your pores from clogging.

The blend of fine powder is free of starches and talcs, so if you forget to remove your make-up after a night on the Mojitos, don’t worry, minerals don’t harm your skin in the way that traditional foundations do.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation, £5.99. (Available from Boots)
If tricky pots of mineral powder aren’t your thing, then this liquid mineral enriched foundation from Rimmel is great. It provides flawless coverage, minus the mess and lasts for up to 16 hours; enough for a hectic day at the office plus a glass of wine or two afterwards.


Mineralogie Loose Powder Foundation, £40. (Available from www.mineralogie.biz)
Mineralogie’s loose powder foundation provides an amazing next-to-nothing coverage with only a few brush strokes. Whether you want the au natural look or something heavier, this foundation never looks overdone. Apply a couple of strokes for daytime wear and layer on as much as you want to achieve a made-up evening look.

A lot of people think that because blusher sits on top of your foundation, it isn’t in contact with your skin. But the ugly reality is, even if you use a mineral foundation and then apply your normal blusher, you can ruin the silky coverage you’ve created, and clog your pores.

Mineral blusher uses fine particles to prevent bacteria outbreaks and help it stay on your skin, so keeps your colour for longer.


Maybelline Mineral Pure Blush, £6.99. (Available at Boots)
This mineral blush from Maybelline provides lasting cheek colour without drying out your skin or fading over time. It comes in a variety of different shades, so you don’t have to give up your perfect colour for perfect skin. Brush all over or apply deeper shades to cheeks to really sculpt those cheekbones.


Susan Posnick Colorme Blusher, £44.50 (Available from www.onlynature.co.uk)
Complete with attached puff and mirror, this blush couldn’t be easier to apply, and can be used all over. Enriched with vitamins A and E, which help your skin feel silky soft, Colorme is sweat proof and water resistant, and delectably radiant without being glittery. So, come rain or shine you’ll be glowing.

If, like many girls, you refuse to leave the house without your make-up firmly in place, but find sensitive or dry skin aggravating around your eyes, read on because mineral eye shadow and liners may be the answer to your problems.

As minerals are natural, they give a natural colour to the pigment of the eye shadow and using less synthetic colours means less skin irritation.


L’Oreal Kohl Minerals Powder Liner, £7.82 (Available from Boots)
Used as an eye liner or shadow, this mineral powder is right on cue for the fashionable smoky eyes look. Use liberally over your eye lid to achieve a more dramatic effect or sweep across the edge of your eyelashes for daytime. The super light powder smoothes across any fine lines around the eyes helping your make-up stay exactly where you want it, giving you a radiant polished look.


MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow £16.50 (Available from maccosmetics.co.uk)
If you like your eye make up to dazzle and shine, then this MAC eye shadow compact is amazing. A wonderful metallic powder that makes eyes shimmer, sparkle and really stand out, it’s perfect. Sweep it across your lids and dab into the corners of your eye for a subtle day look, or dazzle at night by highlighting your eyes using MAC’s high shine sophistication. Apply darker shades to the socket of your eye and blend up to your brow bone for instant glamour.

Glo, Lily Lolo and ID also do a wonderful range of mineral cosmetics ranging from £13 to £32, and you can even try before you buy with sample pots for as little as 99p (http://www.lilylolo.co.uk).

So, as Lily Lolo says, “what better way to make up than with products so pure they’re practically skincare.”

Article By Natasha Swift – February 2009

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