New In Town Movie Review


Have you ever looked at Renee Zellweger and noticed just how much she looks like a praying mantis? Those beady eyes, that pout that employs Dyson-sponsored cheek-suction, the giant forehead…no? Ok, just me then…

Despite a distinct absence in the chick-flicks of late, “New In Town” sees Renee taking centre stage once more. Unfortunately for Miss Z, Girliegossip  does feel that it could have been any female comedic A-Lister in the role, as it’s the sharp script and supporting actors that deserve true praise.

Determined to keep her career on the fast track to success at Munck foods, Lucy [Zellweger] receives a transfer from the brazen beaches of Miami to the winter wasteland of New Ulm, Minnesota.  Determined to put her career before her comfort, Lucy quickly falls out with the entire staff at the plant, not to mention the ruggedly handsome Ted Mitchell, head of the local union. As Lucy begins to let her guard down, she realises she can’t help but become attached to the kindly folks around her, even if their homespun ways take some getting used to. Despite taking an initial dislike to Ted, who she writes off as a “sorry-ass truck guy”, Lucy drunkenly warms to him when he rescues her car from a snowdrift. She even has the genius to use her saucy red underwear as a flag –the little minx.

Siobhan Fallon is brilliant as Blanche Gunderson – the over-eager secretary and personal welcoming committee for New Ulm.  She encapsulates the stereotype of the Minnesotan woman, with her cute colloquialisms (“He thinks he’s a regular Puff Diddly don’tcha know!”), top-secret tapioca recipe and taste for scrapping (compiling scrapbooks, not fisty-cuffs). Also I am always impressed by J.K. Simmons who plays plant foreman, Stu Kopenhafer – (look out for the wooden duck scene, it’s priceless!)

Although I’m not sure about the chemistry between Zellweger and Connick Jr. the script was exponentially wittier than most rom-com’s I’ve seen recently.  I think even most guys out there would enjoy it, which is a huge compliment. A perfect date movie with something for everyone!

Words Sally McIlhone

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