Pierre talks music, dyslexia and his debut single Broken!

23 year old Pierre Lewis is in his own words, a ‘non conformist’, and he certainly proves this on his debut single, ‘Broken’. Bucking the trend for guitar lead, indie shoe gazing, Pierre delivers an exquisite slice of pop which celebrates the halcyon days of the great pop single. Co-written by Pierre, the single has been produced by Aaron Accetta, best known for his work with NSync, Aaron Carter and Debbie Gibson.

Pierre’s musical influences stretch from Burt Bacharach to Elvis to modern day maestros such as Kanye West and P Diddy. “I like a lot of music that’s around at the moment, but the skill and mastery of writers and crooners from the 60s, 70’s and 80’s really moves me. At school all my mates were listening to drum ‘n’ bass and I’d have ol’ Burt blaring out. They used to try and steal my cd’s and break them up, but it didn’t worry me. I’ve never conformed and I don’t think I ever will,” Pierre explains.

See below for the link to Pierre’s ‘Broken’ and read on to find out more about his Dyslexia in this open and honest piece….

Pierre says: I’ve always had a very Sharpe and clear vision of the world around me, so sitting in the classroom, seeing my friends working hard at something so structured was difficult for me to accept.

I stared out the window looking at the trees, the leaves.. And the world, with a burning fascination to discover the world beyond the compact humidity of the classroom. Each leaf, with its own individual natural patterns, yet so symmetrically beautiful.. The realisation that even the simplest thing could embody such complexity was amazing. Me in the world, just another dot, a number.. So small, yet possibility and dreams so limitless and determined only by self aspiration.
Oh the teacher just shouted my name! I try look like I’ve been paying attention all this time.
‘you can answer the probability equation on the board then Pierre?’ he says with a tired fury on his weathered face. ‘ sir, I could, however, you can’t rule out the fact that, if there’s 4 green balls, 2 red and 1 yellow in the bag.. That the man holding the bag might fall over and some fall out, you see my point sir?’ The class go wild with laughter, I look around taking praise for my quick thinking one liner, but deep down I think I should be able to work out the answer but I can’t.
This was a daily occurrence for me, its not that I went about trying to become the class clown, it was just a persona that got me by and how I delt with my difficulties.
What I didn’t understand then was the gift that Dyslexia could be. There’s no doubt about it, there are downsides to Dyslexia, one for me was the inability to concentrate on anything that didn’t make sense to me and one subject was maths and initially English.

Being Dyslexic I believe I have a point of contact with the side of my brain that is almost religiously channelling creativity from a place I don’t understand. There must be a fine line between art of creativity and madness, because creativity is the artistic interpretation of constant challenging what make sense and what doesn’t.

In English, the teacher announces we’re going to be doing Shakespeare.. We all turned our noises up or yawned.. The moment I heard the words, the way Shakespeare wrote.. Almost poetically reckless, breaking the rules in a musically flowing language, totally not how we speak now..
I fell in love with the art of expression and for the first time saw how I may possibly be able to express myself in a deeper hidden way, writing. Yes I had really bad spelling, I still do.. But I knew that I could put down how I felt, even if other people couldn’t read it.. My passion for writing and subsequent movement to becoming a songwriter begun here.

I don’t believe Dyslexia is a disability, it’s simply a different mindset.
I believe Dyslexics think with a different part of the brain or have a stronger use of the creative part. Learning isn’t an impossibility, we just need to learn and be taught through the individual medium that makes sense to us, for me that’s art, drama and music.

Dyslexia is like that great saying, which I believe to be so true, you either see the glass half empty or half full. Destiny is what the lazy wait for, but the focused make great, challenges may make the journey harder, but the fulfilment of dream even better. Want it, do it!

Add Pierre on Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/pierreofficialmusic

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCHOTEvtIcU

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