Pop Your ZORK – Keep the Sparkle in Your Christmas with Mateus!

Christmas is the ultimate party season and there’s nothing better than celebrating the festivities with a bottle of fizz. But the post-Christmas blues can leave you feeling even more flat when you sit down with that final glass of sparkling wine after your bash and find that your bubbles have burst.
Let a bottle of Mateus Sparkling Brut Rosé (2010 Gold Medal, Concours Mondial De Bruxelles) with a hi-tech Zork cap come to the rescue for Christmas 2010 to keep your bubbly bubbly!

The Zork, an alternative to a traditional cork, is a four-part device that allows you to reseal your wine so that you can keep the countless bubbles in your Mateus Sparkling in the bottle for another day. In place of a cork stopper, the device has a tamper-proof band, a button to clamp the cap, a foil barrier to prevent gas from escaping and a seal to stop leaking under high pressure – all of which means your sparkling wine will stay that way for more than a week.

For those who flinch at the thought of opening a bottle of fizz, sending the cork ricocheting off every fragile surface in the home, then the anxiety-free Zork is a knight in shining armour. Just twist the Zork and enjoy the sound of bubbles popping.

Mateus Sparkling Brut Rosé is perfect for any ceremony or celebration, and now that it’s fitted with the UK’s first ever resealable cap, you can lock in the fizz until the next fabulous occasion.

Put the Zork-capped Mateus Sparkling Brut Rosé on your shopping list this Christmas and enjoy the fruity aromas, strawberry and apricot flavours and most importantly, the sparkle, well beyond the party season.

Mateus Sparkling Brut Rosé with Zork cap is available exclusively at Tesco for £7.99.

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