Reasons Why You Should Share Your Wedding Planning With Friends

If you have recently got engaged, you may still be busy letting everyone know and showing off the ring. It takes a while for the reality of the task ahead to sink in. There will be an enormous amount to prepare. Before you can do that you need to figure out a plan so you can set yourself a good to-do list up. With so much to do you will need to get lots of help in to make sure you can get everything ready, booked and ordered in time. It’s time to dust off the personal organizer and become your very own wedding planner.

Very few of us can afford to add the cost of a wedding planner on top of the cost of the overall wedding if we want to have everything we dreamed of. There are a few that may pay for themselves in the savings they make for you. The trouble with some of these planners is that they have a specific list of suppliers. It takes away some of the freedom of choice from you. If you plan your own wedding and make your own bookings, you are more likely to be able to get the things you want from the people you want.

Family and friends are going to love to get involved, so you can put together your own little task force. Have regular planning meetings so you can all catch up over a few coffees and drinks. You will be able to discuss colors and ideas together which allows you all to brainstorm the best solutions for any problems that arise. You may find many of your friends are quite handy to help you with craft or sewing emergencies too. If you have a clear vision of what you are looking to achieve, find the best way to communicate this to all your happy helpers. A scrapbook, or Pinterest board can be very helpful. Use FaceTime or photo messaging to approve purchase decisions too.

There will be times when you may feel like you are losing control over your own wedding. Having help is essential because planning a wedding is too much for one person to deal with. Managing the help you receive is down to you, but if you are using family and friends, they know you best, and will do everything they can to pick what is right for you. They will know it is your wedding at the end of the day, and it has to be your vision that they help to realize. Most importantly, they will work hard for you for free, saving your a fortune in planner’s fees!

Taking on a wedding is a big task, but if you know what you want, it can be achieved. Despite challenges and setbacks, there are going to be plenty of alternatives for you to choose from if some things need to change at all. Choosing your wedding dress will be the toughest challenge. We all have a clear idea what we would like, but often it is impossible to find exactly what we want. Then we may put it on and realize the shape of it doesn’t flatter our figure. The only way to find the dress that makes us look incredible is to try as many of them on as possible. You’ll know when it is right, as soon as you look in the mirror.

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With all the running around you have to do getting everything booked and organized, it is very easy to accidentally leave people off the guest list. If this happens, don’t panic. While it may be too late to change or increase the print run at the wedding stationery store, it is possible to print your own invitations at home. Use one of the free wedding invitation templates you can find online to run one or two wedding invites off at home. Nobody is likely to realize they don’t have exactly the same invite. The convenience of doing this at home is you can do it quickly, and it costs almost nothing!

Flowers are often color coordinated to the dress or the groom’s waistcoat. Some brides are picking all white or ivory dresses, and the groom is in black, white and charcoal. This leaves the bouquet to provide all the color in the wedding party, and can be very impactful and arty for your wedding photos. It is up to you how you style your wedding, but do speak to your photographer first to get some ideas about how colors can work for your wedding photography. You may be choosing a subtle shade for the bridesmaids’ dresses, or you may be looking for something vibrant. Often it is a good idea to ensure colors are matching well.

Organizing a wedding is tough and it does take many months. If you are hoping for a traditional fruit cake wedding cake, you will also need to book this several months in advance as well, so it can mature. You will also need to choose whether your cake toppers or decorations are to be edible, or something for you to hold onto as a keepsake. Many weddings have tiers of cupcakes, as the soft icing looks so beautiful and decorative. There are many options. Some families have a tradition of baking the wedding cake at home. You may want to do this so you can be certain of the ingredients, or you may prefer a professional to be involved.

Your wedding will be the most beautiful event of your lives, no matter how it comes to be or what designs and styles you choose. Being able to share those preparations with your friends and family is wonderful, and it helps to make it feel even more special. There will be times when it is stressful, and moments where you will be disappointed, but nothing will spoil the wonderful moment you become married to your husband to be. Everyone who can celebrate with you will be amazed by the beautiful dress and decorations, but most of all you will be the most beautiful person there.

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