Secret Santa and Stocking Filler Gifts from Impulse

It’s the season for giving…and whether you’re buying for your best friend, your daughter, someone special or a secret Santa, the brand new Christmas gift collection from Impulse will ensure you make everyone’s Christmas sparkle whatever your budget is. With eight different Impulse gift sets to choose from, there’s a scent to suit every girl’s style. Each will leave the wearer refreshed, smelling great and ready to act upon any impulsive moment life throws their way.

For Secret Santa gifts

The jet-setting girl will love the Impulse TrueLove and Impulse Tease Travel bags (RRP £5.50). These practical but stylish pink and turquoise bags contain delicious Impulse scents and gorgeous shower gels that will leave you irresistible from top to toe.  Perfect for a romantic Christmas getaway!

The trendy Impulse Beauty Bag (RRP £8.99) features 3 City Collection scents in a chic suedette beauty bag – essential for a last minute Christmas party, and a great secret Santa gift!

For pure indulgence

Pamper the special girl in your life by giving her Impulse Bathroom Bliss (RRP 10.99). Crammed with luxurious treats including an Impulse facemask, it comes with a holder for Impulse beauty goodies that will look perfect in the most style-conscious girl’s bathroom. Hide these gifts under the tree to light up anyone’s Christmas.

You won’t be able to resist the Impulse Beauty Case (RRP 9.99), which combines must have beauty buys with effortless style, including body fragrances and Tease Shower gel in a sophisticated beauty case.

For Stocking filler ideas

The Impulse Mini Collection (RRP £2.99) brings together 3 gorgeous fragrances in one cute collection. It is the perfect stocking filler for the girl on the go who always needs to feel her best, whether at school or out with her friends. For the fashionista nothing will suit her better than the Impulse Mini City Collection (RRP £3.99). Based on the three fashion and style capitals of the world, the three scents capture the romance of Paris, glamour of New York and edgy style of London. Or if you just can’t decide, go for the Impulse Super Mini Collection (RRP £7.50) which contains all 6 fragrances.

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