Sensible Lessons We Can Learn from Celebs

It can be very easy to dismiss celebrities as vapid and undeserving. It’s certainly easier to do it with some than with others. But to wave off everyone in the celebrity spotlight as being unworthy of attention would be wrong. Just because they’re well-known, it doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard to get there. Sure, some people may have had a head start. And some people who are just as talented might not receive the same attention they do. But there’s much about the celebs we see in magazines and on screens every day that we can look up to and learn from. Here are some things we can take away from watching the Brad Pitts and Jennifer Lawrences of the world.

Work Ethic

You might think that many celebrities get paid disproportionate amounts of money. But even if you think they get paid too much, there’s no denying that most of them work hard. You only need to know a little about filming a movie or TV show to understand how grueling a day on set can be. And it’s not just actors, but authors, musicians and others who put a lot of time into perfecting their craft.


Alan Light


Working hard will take you places. Some celebrities may have had a helping hand or two to get where they are. Perhaps they had parents in the business or made connections at college. But many of them set their sights high while working an ordinary job and achieved incredible things. Hugh Jackman was a PE teacher while Whoopi Goldberg worked as a mortuary beautician. JK Rowling famously wrote the Harry Potter novels in a cafĂ© while she was on benefits. And just because they have reached the lofty heights of fame, it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped trying to do more.


Perhaps not everyone can find it in themselves to admire celebrities for making a lot of money. However, it’s not all about their net worth from one year to the next. A lot of people care about what celebs do with all their cash. And plenty of them are generous with both their money and their time. You can find lots of charitable feats by a range of celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Chris Pratt. Having said that, it’s easy to give money away when you have a lot of it!

Patience and Tolerance

One of the reasons a lot of people would never wish to be famous is all the attention. But somehow, many celebrities manage to take it in their stride. Sure, some of them fly off the rails and probably shouldn’t be in the spotlight. But many of them manage to maintain kindness and tolerance towards everyone – at least in public. They give a lot of love to their fans, even while they have people abusing and hounding them at the same time.

We might get annoyed with celebrity culture sometimes. But there’s still a lot to admire about the famous people we see every day. We can learn some lessons from them about being good people.


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