Sex and the City 2 Review – Spoilers Ahead!

Here’s the official Girlie Gossip Sex and the City 2 review, which comes to you after I finally got round to watching the movie last night with my sister. This highly anticipated movie sequel has been top of my ‘must watch’ list and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for the fab four this time around! Keep reading for a spoiler fuelled in depth movie review and analysis.

Firstly, let’s start by being brutally honest. Whilst this film is going to be loved by most of us women, it is not about the ‘average’ woman. Things have almost become snobbish at times in SATC2 and whilst yes, it’s great to escape into a world of high fashion, rich New Yorkers and decadent gay weddings, it at times feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth to those of us who lead the rather dreary (in comparison) budget fuelled lives that come with having family and commitments. I get that it was meant to be seen as ‘escapism’ for everyone and a feel good movie, but keep reading to hear a couple of my pet peeves about this otherwise fabulously glamorous girlie flick.

The movie begins in quite possibly the campest, most over the top way possible and I loved every minute of it! Stanford and Anthony are getting married and the two ‘Brooms’ as they like to be known (hybrid of bride and groom, geddit?) are being married by none other than Liza Minnelli, who after performing the ceremony takes to the stage for a hilarious version of Beyonce’s ‘All the single ladies’ I won’t spoil it for you but let’s just say you can imagine the hilarity of Liza swinging her hips frantically to the tune whilst we all sit in the audience not sure whether to laugh or worry that the poor woman’s hip might come flying clean out of its socket! Good times!

Big; or John James Preston as we know him better, gets hit on by a gay man in a clichéd but none the less, very amusing scene leading to an awkward situation between Carrie and an obsessive fan who question the couple on their lack of desire to have children. This opens up the whole Carrie and Big storyline where Carrie begins to act a little bit bratty and constantly whine about the ‘sparkle’ that is missing from their relationship because (god forbid) Big doesn’t want to go out on the town every night with her! Give the guy a break!

Charlotte has her hands full with baby Rose and the adorable ‘Lily’ and we see her change from the usually in control, perfect mother figure to a crying mess. Now this bit of the movie got to me a little, simply because despite the fact that she has a full time nanny (bra-less, beautiful and the butt of many a joke) she acts as though she is completely hard done by. I wanted to shake her and simply say “Welcome to normality!” that’s what us normal Mother’s go through on a regular basis, and not all of us have enough money to fund full time help! Then I remembered, it’s only a movie and calmed down somewhat. In fairness the topic was lightened somewhat a little later on into the film when Charlotte and Miranda have a heart to heart and Charlotte jokes about not knowing how regular people cope.

Miranda quits her job when her new boss pushes her to boiling point, and we see a fun and carefree Miranda for the rest of the movie which was a welcome breath of fresh air. Her marriage to Steve is now back on track and we see the soft, romantic side of the couple that was missing in places from the first Sex and the City movie.

Samantha is going through the menopause and we see it handled in a very honest yet funny way, reminding us that yes these women have aged since we saw them on our TV screens, but that doesn’t mean they should stop having fun!

Samantha ends up getting the girls in on an all expenses paid PR trip to Abu Dhabi so they head off for a week away in the Middle East. Of course, it is luxurious, fun and wonderfully over the top the whole way and we get to see the girls let their hair down and enjoy themselves. There are a few clichéd and annoying moments, such as a drunk Charlotte (who I honestly just wanted to strangle) and a couple of the Samantha scenes that just seemed a little too ‘try hard’ to be wild and carefree, instead winding up verging on the embarrassing side.

Of course by now you’ve all heard the news of Aiden (John Corbett) making a welcome return and the question on everyone’s lips will undoubtedly be ‘Does Carrie Cheat on Big?” the answer my friends is…. kind of (but not really)

Confused much? Well here’s what happens…

Carrie meets Aiden in the middle of a street market. There’s no denying that the chemistry is still there between them and the embrace, leaving with Aiden telling Carrie to look him up for dinner at his hotel. Carrie vows not to go, but later changes her mind, getting herself dolled up she races out of the hotel to meet with Aiden, bumping into Miranda and Charlotte on the way who warn her she’s ‘Playing with fire’

At the restaurant Carrie and Aiden reminisce, talking about their families and partners and generally catching up. The sexual tension is still apparent and when the couple go to leave, they embrace again and share a brief but passionate kiss. Carrie, consumed with guilt and remembering how hard she fought to get Big, runs off into the distance. After calling up the girls and confessing what has happened to them she decides to phone Big and tells him everything, he is visibly crushed and hangs up the phone.

Samantha gets arrested for getting ‘intimate’ on the beach with the new sexy guy she’s met and when she is free the girls find themselves thrown out of the hotel and left to make their own way home.

Carrie returns to their apartment and Big is gone, she waits around and finally he returns. He makes her squirm for a while telling her how much what she did ‘tore him up’ before presenting her with a huge black diamond ring to wear, to remind her that she’s married and gives a touching speech about what marriage means to him and how much he loves her, and will always love her.

So all in all the movie was a mixed bag, it was definitely bigger, better and more fun than the original Sex and the City movie and one that you will laugh your way through despite a few clichés and niggling points.

I’m looking forward to watching Sex and the City 2 again on DVD when it comes out and am pleased that I went to see the movie. Grab your girlfriends, go see it and take it for the light hearted cheese fest of a movie that it is intended to be and you won’t be disappointed!

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  • baggycat says:

    This film left a very nasty taste in my mouth. It represents so much that is wrong with society today. I couldn’t believe how rude Samantha was in Abu Dhabi, how dare she abuse hospitality in such an undignified way. It just shows the world how cheap and nasty American women are.

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