SMARTIES® launch chocolate Chicken and Egg!

Bursting with the colourful confectionery loved by families across the nation, SMARTIES new chocolate Chicken and Egg is an exciting three-in-one treat for everyone to enjoy this Easter.

Crack into the SMARTIES Chicken and Egg’s creamy milk chocolate outer shell to find a surprise egg, with   multi-coloured mini SMARTIES inside. The unique hidden egg inside the SMARTIES Chicken and Egg offers an innovative new treat, to be enjoyed by one and all.

SMARTIES Chicken and Egg is perfect for Easter egg hunts and this novelty treat adds a whole load of extra fun to your typical Easter hoard.

Andy McQuade, Brand Manager, at Nestlé says:

“Easter is always regarded as one of the most fun holidays in the UK and the new SMARTIES Chicken and Egg brings something really new and novel to chocolate treats’’

“Nestlé is thrilled to announce the launch of SMARTIES Chicken and Egg and can’t wait to share them with the nation!”

Don’t forget to share some quick-witted egg jokes with your friends this Easter to really make your friends chuckle. Here’s a few for inspiration:

Q: What happened to the egg that was tickled too much?
A: It cracked up

Q: How do eggs stay healthy?
A: Egg-cercise

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Only SMARTIES have the answer!

Girlie Gossip LOVES this cute chicken and egg, great if you are looking for something fun and a little bit different this Easter!

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