Stocking Fillers: Chitter Chatters, Mad Muttz & Krazy Kats

Christmas toys

Children love toys that have personality and this collection of creatures is bound to prove popular. With their own set of annoying habits, funny skills and hilarious noises they will keep your kids busy for hours.

Chitter Chatters

The Chitter Chatters just love to talk and once you start gossiping they can’t help repeat everything you say! As they get going their heads bob up and down and each animal has their own special voice. Choose from a mouse, penguin, monkey or meerkat and listen to them gabble away at speed! (RRP £10.00)

Mad Muttz

Puppies are full of mischief and Mad Muttz are always getting into trouble. These cute little hounds have no manners and love causing chaos wherever they go! Children will be in fits of giggles as the Mad Muttz scratch, bark, burp, snore and fart. There are three different puppies in the group and each one has a realistic leg movement that shows off their urge to scratch. They are super cute and incredibly funny. (RRP £15.00)

Krazy Kats

Krazy Kats have a mind of their own; they will do whatever it takes to get attention. These furry felines are full of personality and will meow, screech, fart and snore at will. As they become more and more naughty their heads bob up and down which fools you into thinking they are on their best behaviour. Choose from grey, black and white or ginger Krazy Kats and have fun with friends and family. (RRP £15.00)

Noisy, cute and bound to drive you mad!

The Mad Muttz and Krazy Kats range are suitable for children aged 3+, each product is designed to encourage fun and laughter.


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