Summer Fun with the Vtriker Elite Scooter!

Let your kids enjoy hours of fun whilst keeping healthily active with the new Vtriker Elite 3-wheel scooter from UKayed.

With four great colours to choose from – black, blue, green, pink – and a modern design, this exciting scooter is perfect for 7 to 14 year olds to zoom round the park and race their mates. There’s no pushing, pedalling or touching the floor!

Simply place one foot on each side, then the unique V-shape design enables you to move your legs in and out while stationary on the platform.

Vtriker Elite Pink

We were lucky enough to get hold of one of the fab, girly pink Vtriker Elite’s (they come in many other colours, don’t worry!) for review recently and it was put to the test by my 10 year old daughter.

We live in a seaside town in Somerset and are lucky enough to have plenty of long, flat roads without too many hills and a wonderful stretch of sea-front with smooth tarmac so we took the Vtriker Elite for a little ride. We received loads of attention and so many other kids came up to my daughter and took a look at the Vtriker (and also managed to get a go on it!) as she bombed up and down the path on it!

It took her a while to get used to the fact that you don’t put your feet down and push, you use your legs to bring the two foot pads together in and out in a fluid motion. Once you pick up some speed it becomes really easy and turning corners is especially good fun as the Vtriker simply glides round at super-fast pace!

Reviews from our 10 year old were that it’s a fantastic, fun alternative to a regular scooter and that there’s much more to do one the Vtriker than her other outdoor toys. You need a little bit of practice at first but once they’re used to it, there will be no stopping kids on this brilliant toy!

It is also worth noting that the Vtriker Elite is really well made, sturdy and durable so you don’t need to worry about your child’s safety whilst they’re learning the ropes. A really great outdoor toy for Summer holiday’s fun and highly recommended by the Girlie Gossip team!

The video below shows the Vtriker Elite in action (disclaimer, that’s not our child!) so that you can take a look for yourself:

Available at £69.99 from

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