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| Porcelain Rose Gift Collection |

 First Impressions

Pretty Pearly Treats Beauty Bag

RRP: £20 | Click here for more information. 

| Contents |

A refreshing Body Wash, moisturising Body Lotion and a Body Spray

Indulge a little and add a touch of vintage glamour with Ted Baker’s new range. The pretty pearl range has a fruity floral fragrance.

Notes: red fruits | peach | sweet violet | rose petals |patchouli | sandalwood

Base notes: musk | raspberry leaf


The range is inspired by a curious trinket discovered at a New York auction and the collection reimagines one of Ted Baker’s signature floral prints. The pretty pearl fragrance is one part of a trio consisting of two other fragrances: Blush Pink and Opulent Petal.

The pretty pearl collection smells divine! It is the perfect summer scent. The combined floral and fruity scent is perfectly balanced which creates a light and fresh fragrance that is really gentle and feminine.

The porcelain rose print on the bag is really pretty and the design is continued onto the packaging of the products inside. The bag itself is a great size and has a waterproof lining.


| Body Wash |

The perfect way to start your day! Feel fresh all day long with this beautiful floral body wash.

200 ml | RRP: £8


| Body Lotion |

Treat your skin! This body lotion will leave your skin soft and sweet smelling all day long.

250 ml | RRP: £8

*Note: you get a 50 ml bottle as part of the gift bag.


| Body Spray |

Enjoy the fragrance of delicate fruits and exotic blooms. The bottle is the perfect size to take with you on your travels too.

150 ml | RRP: £7

50 ml | RRP: £3 

*Note: you get a 150 ml bottle as part of the gift bag.


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